Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Review: Cul de Sac by Scott Wrobel

Bottom line: Great read for those looking for realistic characters, warts and all.

Scott Wrobel's debut is a series of short stories about men linked by a common thread: not just the fact they live in the same cul de sac, but also their struggles with depression and unfortunate life events.

These stories are character-driven and show the sometimes harsh realities that men commonly deal with. Also, this is definitely a book for adults--it concerns adults in adult situations.

* The characters feel like real men: those struggling with identity in a world that's rarely fair. Wrobel pulls no punches in showing us these men's dark sides.
* Each story is the perfect length for a bedtime read.

Things that may concern some readers:
* These stories are a study in character. Many of the stories are left unresolved, which allows the reader to make his or her own conclusions.
* The stories sometimes include sexual deviancy--the most vivid of which involves a jar of mayonnaise.
* The characters aren't shining heroes. In fact they're mostly the opposite--the dark side of life.

I look forward to seeing Scott's next literary work(hopefully soon!)

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