Friday, November 28, 2014

Outside Duluth by Eric Chandler

Outside Duluth

by Eric Chandler

Outside Duluth will take you on an armchair tour of one of the best regions for outdoor fun in the US. Join Eric Chandler as he takes you cross country skiing, biking, paddling, and running with his family near the head of Lake Superior. Chandler's stories are part essay, part guidebook and all fun. Find out why Outside Magazine named Duluth runner-up for the best adventure hub in the whole world!


Eric Chandler has written for Flying Magazine, Silent Sports Magazine, Northern Wilds, Minnesota Flyer, and Lake Country Journal, to name a few. Literary journals like The Talking Stick and have published his fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. He's a member of Lake Superior Writers.

He's also an Air Force veteran with twenty years of experience flying the F-16. He served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He enjoys cross country ski racing and marathon running. He lives with his wife and two children in Duluth, Minnesota.


Friday, November 21, 2014

Flashover by Colin Nelson


by Colin Nelson

Zach Sutton's little brother has been missing for over a year.  His parents have divorced. The police have found no clues. But it isnt until Zach takes a field trip to Minnesota's north woods that the mystery really begins.  Faced with supernatural visions and ghostly images, Zach finds himself in a scary adventure he couldnt have dreamed.


Colin T. Nelson has been a criminal defense lawyer for over thirty years.  He’s married, has two adult children, and plays saxophone in a jazz group called Blue Mood.


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Friday, November 14, 2014

Minnesota's Lost Towns by Rhonda Fochs

Minnesota's Lost Towns

by Rhonda Fochs

Journey to the past and visit over 100 northern Minnesota lost towns. Read what created them, how they grew and prospered, why they died, where they are located, and what you'll see there today. Learn the stages of a "boom and bust" cycle and how lost towns are classified according to their physical remnants. Written in a personal narrative style, Minnesota's Lost Towns is filled with then and now photos and amusing tales and anecdotes. The book is a fun read for historians, tourists, genealogists, and anyone who loves a good story.


After several years of working in the public and private sector, doing everything from assembling Tonka Toy trucks (when they were made in America), working in a LP record distribution warehouse, serving in a variety of public governmental roles, managing a construction office, to becoming a social studies teacher at the age of forty-two, Rhonda is recently retired.

Her passion for history, especially local and regional history, has resulted in Minnesota’s Lost Towns: Northern Edition, which chronicles over 100 northern Minnesota used-to-be towns and communities.

As she and her family (including the dog)  travel the state, north, east, south and west, she is now working on the second book in the Lost Towns Series, this one covering Central Minnesota. She is also presently working on a book detailing other regional points of interest.


Author site:
Publisher: North Star Press

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Always / Siempre by Helen Vitoria and B. L. Pawelek

Always / Siempre

by Helen Vitoria and B. L. Pawelek

Always/Siempre is a work of poetic and photographic ekphrasis, presented in English with Spanish translations.

Helen Vitoria has been nominated for Best New Poets and the Pushcart Prize. She is the Founding Editor of THRUSH Press.

B.L. Pawelek has been nominated for the Pushcart and Best of the Net prizes.

Helen Vitoria Helen Vitoria’s poems can be found in: Ping Pong Journal, The Awl, Rougarou, PANK, Pebble Lake Review, GRIST, Barn Owl Review and others. Her work has been nominated for Best New Poets & the Pushcart Prize. Her poetry collection, Corn Exchange (Wild Chestnut Press, 2013) has been awarded the 2014 Silver IPPY Book Award in poetry among other national awards. She edits THRUSH Poetry Journal & THRUSH Press.

B.L. Pawelek is a husband, dad, and hiker living in Eden Prairie, MN. He attended to Loyola Marymount University and has had his poetry and photography published in numerous journals. He has also been nominated for the Pushcart and Best of the Net prizes.

B.L. Pawelek:
Helen Vitoria:
Publisher: ConcepciĆ³n Books

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Friday, October 31, 2014

Eye of the Storm by Aimee Kuzenski

Eye of the Storm

by Aimee Kuzenski

The old gods aren’t gone. Whether you know it or not, they’re closer than a breath upon your cheek.

Alexander Sekhmet keeps to himself, far from the Machiavellian games played by his Family, and as a result he’s led a quiet ordered life. Until now.

When his legendary temper is exploited by an ancient enemy, tricking him into destroying his human identity, he takes drastic steps to protect his empire. He possesses the body of Camilla Sykes, a West Point lieutenant, and takes her identity, memories…and soul with him.

Ian Dorsey, Classics PhD candidate, has lost his job and his father in one fiery afternoon, and appears to be losing his mind in the bargain. Why else is he hearing voices that are telling him to kill his father’s client? Or are the voices coming from somewhere darker?

When gods and mortals meet, the Apocalypse follows.


Aimee Kuzenski was born in Clintonville, WI, and currently lives in northeast Minneapolis, MN. She moved there in 1996 in an effort to use her BFA Acting Power for good, and discovered she didn't really enjoy having no health care and looking for a new job every four weeks. After some discussion and internal musing, Aimee took herself to the University of Minnesota for electrical engineering training. The final result seems to be a blending of the two extremely different disciplines. By day, she works as a technical writer for a local engineering company. For much of the rest of the time, she sits in her home studio and writes fantasy, science fiction, and her own blend of the two.

Aimee has been inhaling science fiction and fantasy since her childhood. Starting with six hour marathons of classic Dr Who on Sundays and every single book on Greek myths her grandmother would allow her to check out, she moved on to the adult SF/F stacks, read everything there, and hasn't stopped since. After discovering the existence of conventions in high school (Wiscon 1988, woo!), Aimee has been active in as many conventions as she could, including acting as MC for the CONvergence masquerade for its first few years and participating in many panels.

Unwilling to stop at intellectual pursuits, Aimee also trains in eskrima, a Filipino martial art. She believes hitting things with sticks is both beautiful and therapeutic.

Aimee has an apartment, a hairless cat, two house bunnies, and reams of fantastic friends.

Author site:
Publisher: Bookmen Media Group, Inc.

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