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Stake & Eggs - Laura Childs

Stake & Eggs

by Laura Childs

New York Times bestselling author Laura Childs offers up Stake and Eggs, the 4th installment in her Cackleberry Club Mystery series.  This “Queen of the Cozy” knows how to pour on the suspense!

Ice runs in this killer’s veins!

A snowstorm rolls through the Midwest, flash-freezing everything like a package of Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks.  Tucked inside the cozy Cackleberry Club café, Suzanne and her two partners hear the crash of a snowmobile and nervously decide to investigate.  But a foray into the raging storm turns up a headless rider and a wire stretched between two stakes.

Who would murder their new bank president in such a grisly manner?  Someone gunning for his job or an unhappy customer whose property has been foreclosed on?  Suzanne and Sheriff Doogie put their heads together to investigate this murder and turn up more than a few wild card suspects – even as the temperature drops and Suzanne’s romance with the local doctor heats up.

Based on a fictional Minnesota town, Laura Childs has filled Stake and Eggs with a raft of small-town characters that make you chuckle and yearn for simpler times.  The main character (Suzanne) isn’t your basic cozy heroine either.  She’s recently widowed, just launched her café, is “mom” to her aging dog Baxter, and (good heavens!) is a little past forty.  She’s also an intelligent, focused amateur sleuth who doesn’t rely on “coincidences” or inept police work to solve crimes.  In fact, she’s buckthorn in the side of Sheriff Doogie, who does his small-town best to solve the grisly murder.

Halfway between a cozy and a thriller (a thrillsy!) Stake and Eggs offers an exciting read with tea, knitting, romance, a dash of spirituality, and good sleuthing with three women who are over forty and proud of it.  You’ll also flip over Cackleberry Club recipes such as lemon cornbread, dirty fried chicken, and red velvet chocolate chip pancakes.


Laura Childs is the author of the Scrapbook Mysteries, Tea Shop Mysteries and Cackleberry Club Mysteries.  Her books have been named to the USA Today and New York Times Bestseller Lists, and have been featured selections in the Literary Guild’s Mystery Book Club.  She is a former Cleo Award-winning ad writer and CEO of Mission Critical Marketing.


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