Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ashes, Ashes - D. J. Rohling

Ashes, Ashes


D. J. Rohling



…Where will it lead?

Mega-church pastor, Hamilton Ford, strapped down to a hospital gurney, is transported to psych lock-up after being hit by a life-changing trauma. Let the therapy begin as Dr. Leslie Swenson leads Hamilton into the world of his night dreams, where he is first haunted and then empowered by apparitions of his family. Throughout his recovery, Hamilton encounters new and invading spiritual realities, as patient and doctor become entangled by what they share in common.

A drama of personal devastation, retching reconstruction, and the hope of redemption.

A battle between spiritual and psychological forces that will destroy or redeem the eminent megachurch pastor, Hamilton Ford.

Packs a spiritual wallop. Full of grit and psychic transformation that emerges from the deepest depths of human pain.

By day, Darrell (D. J.) Rohling is a father, husband, and psychologist in private practice, and works with individuals, couples, families, adults and teens. He also is a critical incident specialist, going into corporations, schools, and banks, to provide debriefing support after employee or student injury, death, suicide, or bank robbery. Rohling also conducts psychiatric assessments in the emergency department at a twin city hospital. By night, he is a voracious reader and is working on becoming a voracious writer; where his fascination with the mystery of the human language has yet to be quenched. He is presently working on mastering French with hopes of further travel and work abroad, where his passion is to live on the edge without falling into the abyss.

"I don't have a religious bone in my body, but as a writer I've always been fascinated by a man's struggle with his faith... and nowhere is that struggle more difficult and more poignant than it is for Hamilton Ford, the protagonist in D. J. Rohling's expertly written debut novel Ashes, Ashes... restores my faith in the art of creating a three-dimensional character with an inspiring story to tell."--Steve Thayer, New York Times best-selling author of The Weatherman, The Wheat Field, and Silent Snow.

"Is it possible to find faith when one’s life has become a nightmarish hell? In the tradition of Dostoyevsky, Conrad and Koestler, D. J. Rohling’s gritty and compelling debut novel brings readers to that existential point where the line between faith and despair becomes razor thin and one is forced to choose out of the depths of one’s soul. Ashes, Ashes is that rare sort of novel that is at once spiritually disturbing and authentically hopeful. A must read!"--Pastor, Greg Boyd, Best-selling and award-winning author of Letters From a Skeptic, Myth of a Christian Nation, and The Jesus Legend (co-authored )



Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Year - J. O. Salls

First Year

by J. O. Salls

It is Robert Baker’s first year of teaching. It is a school year that jars the tranquility of the fictional town of Blue Lake. It is a year in which escalating enrollment, overwhelmed personnel, and a difficult school board threaten to rip a revered school system apart. In one school year, Robert Baker’s life intertwines with and affects the lives of his students, his colleagues, and even their families. It is a school year in which loyalties are questioned. It is a year in which compassion, hope, and the courage to take action matter more than ever. In one school year, lives can be altered forever.

Like his parents, J.O. Salls pursued a career in education. He taught English in Wisconsin and Minnesota high schools for 19 years. For another 19 years he taught in Hawaii in classrooms ranging from middle school through community college. His wife taught elementary school for 34 years. They continue to strongly support public education, its teachers and students.

His life-long association with schools brings genuine warmth, affection and a passion for public education to his writing, along with insights into how schools and their inhabitants cope and sometimes prosper between moments of despair and pure exhilaration.

A native of Minnesota, father of two, grandfather of 13, teacher of thousands, John lives with his wife Lila on the shores of Big Stone Lake in Ortonville, MN.


Birch Grove Publishing

Thursday, August 11, 2011

In Search of the LIght - Leonard Jacobson

In Search of the Light

by Leonard Jacobson

In Search of the Light, illustrated by the talented Fiammetta Dogi of Florence, Italy, tells an enchanting story of animals that experience a sudden eclipse of the sun. Concerned that the sun had lost its way, Ned the horse, Peter the rabbit, Bert the bumblebee and Molly mouse form an expedition to find the source of the light. Their journey takes them through the forest of fear, and beyond to a land where nothing seems right. They receive guidance from several wise characters, including a firefly with his own inner light. Eventually they find what they are looking for and discover that everything they are seeking outside of themselves already exists within each one of them. The story opens children and adults to a magical and childlike world of innocence where a beautiful and simple message of truth is revealed. It took Jacobson 3 years to complete the book.

Leonard Jacobson is a renowned spiritual teacher and successful author published in numerous countries including the U.S., Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Poland and Romania. The founder of The Conscious Living Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, Jacobson was awarded with the Peace Prize from Religious Science International although he is not affiliated or associated with any religion or church. Jacobson lives in Santa Cruz, traveling extensively across the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia for speaking and seminar tours.




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Conscious Living Publications

Thursday, August 4, 2011

You and No Other - Jane Weiss and Bonnie Zahn

You and No Other


Jane Weiss and Bonnie Zahn

You and No Other, a book co-authored by Jane Weiss and Bonnie Zahn, tells the story of two women, in the 1980’s, living traditional lives as wives, mothers and working professionals, juggling their careers with homes and families. But within a year and a half their worlds changed drastically as they began a journey together, filled with both deep love for each other and painful family divisions and rejection.

You and No Other chronicles this journey and transforms the pain of their past to healing, thus giving the writers – and their readers – access to larger truths about themselves, the individuals in their families, and perhaps most importantly, the broader social context of non-acceptance that made the journey so poignant. The book challenges readers to rethink their values and to hopefully close the gaps that divide our churches, schools, and communities around same gender relationships.

Bonnie and Jane are both mothers of four grown children, and step-mothers to each other’s four grown children. They left their respective traditional marriages of 15 and 20 years when they became partners. Their eight children then ranged in ages from four to eighteen years. In the nearly thirty years of Bonnie and Jane’s partnership, they’ve traversed many of the issues faced by GLBT parents with children, from attempting to merge their families (with little success initially), through high school and college graduations, weddings, births, baptisms, etc. - to now sharing the joys of co-grandparenting fourteen grandchildren.

Bonnie holds a bachelor’s in nursing from Marycrest College in Davenport, IA, and two master’s degrees from the University of MN – one in medical-surgical Nursing, and the other in healthcare administration. She is now happily retired from a healthcare career that spanned bedside nursing, college nursing instructor, nursing administrator, hospital education director, hospital administrator, and corporate senior vice-president.

Jane has a Registered Nurse diploma from West Suburban Hospital in Oak Park, IL, and has a bachelor’s degree in healthcare communications from the University of MN. She also is retired from a healthcare career that included hospital nursing, nursing home education director, senior services director, and corporate operations vice president.

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