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Eileen Halvorson - The Color of Light

The Color of Light

by Eileen Halvorson

James A. Rock & Co., Publishers – Aonian Press Imprint

ISBN-10: 1-59663-687-4
ISBN-13: 978-1-59663-687-3

The Color of Light envelops the reader into a dreamlike yet real world where words can taste like lemon drops and a black veil transforms into a dead body hanging from a tree. For the main character, Sarah Vines, truth is not black and white. The plot follows her search for family, romance, dreams, and the truth, which reveals a maze of secrets in this fictional paranormal suspense.

Sarah Vines has synesthesia, a condition that creates the marriage of unrelated sensations. It’s different for each person who has it, but for Sarah, sound can be heard, felt, and seen in a wide range of colors. Shrill sounds, like a beeper, create blinding red lightning bolts that flash in front of her. Odors can be amazing, evoking shapes or textures. Spearmint is sticky, yet yielding and lopsided, like a ball of dough. Words are best of all. They come as tastes usually, with seeping flavors and pigments she can touch.

But then there are the things that Sarah cannot explain by her condition. Just thinking of her missing brother evokes a torrential rain, a God-sized pitcher of frigid water pouring over her, just like the cloudburst on the day he disappeared. The visions are even worse—the black veil that shifts ever so slightly in the air and transforms into a chiffon dress fluttering in the wind...and a woman hanging from a tree.

Hidden in her family's abandoned farm buildings are decisions you can't take back and want to bury as deep as the soil allows. Sarah's merged senses, dream-like visions, and uncanny intuition guide her search for the truth, opening a Pandora's Box of secrets. The truth, a spectrum of light, guides Sarah to follow her dreams and pursue the path of forgiveness.

Eileen Halvorson was born in 1957 and grew up on a small farm in Glenwood, Minnesota. After earning a BS in English, speech and theater, she taught English, speech, and acting and then obtained an MBA. Pursing her ongoing love of learning, she also completed writing courses through The Loft Literary Center, The Playwrights' Center, Hamline University, and the University of Minnesota. Halvorson has been an assistant editor and authored articles in addition to writing and directing plays.

She lives in west central Minnesota on Lake Minnewaska, the setting for The Color of Light and inspiration for the book’s cover, which was designed
by Halvorson. Her own experiences and dreams inspired this story, including learning how to dream in color, instead of black and white.


Barnes & Noble
James A. Rock & Co., Publishers

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tristan Publishing


2355 Louisiana Avenue North
Golden Valley, MN 55427

Owners Brett and Sheila Waldman

Our entire mission at TRISTAN is centered around touching lives...and having fun while we make a difference!

All of our titles are books with a message that inspire, uplift and bring hope.

Deep Roots in Publishing-Brett Waldman, Founder and Publisher

I had the rare opportunity to actually grow up in the book industry, my Dad (Ned Waldman) and Uncle (Norton Stillman) founded The Bookmen in 1962. You can definitely say that the romance and love for books resides deep within me. Over the years I worked my way up from packing and stickering to the role of President and co-owner, stopping to work and understand each and every job we held at our operation. At The Bookmen we had 130 people on our team, carried 40,000+ titles and were proud to be the dominant wholesale book distributor in the upper Midwest as well as one of the most respected forces within the library and school marketplace nationally. When I started at The Bookmen, I also started working at Waldman House Press, where I was able to watch my Dad and his team pioneer so many elements of what it means to be different and stand out and thereby accomplish unusual success. My understanding of the business has been cultivated not only from observing and doing at Waldman House, but also having the opportunity to observe and work with over 2000 publishers at The Bookmen.

In 2002 I started my own publishing house, TRISTAN Publishing. About a year later, with the support of a bank, I purchased Waldman House Press from my dad. We have been building and growing since that time. While each year has been incredible, 2008 was truly a milestone year for us when my wife Sheila left corporate America to join me at TRISTAN!

Passionate about Books.Our goal at TRISTAN is to publish books of extraordinary quality with a message, books that make a difference in your life…books that touch your heart. It is with great passion that we build TRISTAN, one book at a time, never losing sight of our goal.

heart on my sleeve

Written and Illustrated by Jodi Hills

Times change, people change and lives change, just as sure as styles change. Jodi Hills encourages readers to let go of the “what was” and the “what could be” and to embrace the beauty of what is today. Written for anyone who has looked into their closet and exclaimed “I have nothing to wear!”

Everything Happens For A Reason

By Warren Hanson

A message encouraging readers to celebrate both the hoped for and unexpected events, whatever they may be. This book is for anyone who has asked the question “Why?” and who boldly looks with hope and confidence to the future knowing everything really does happen for a reason.

Author Tom Hegg
–A Cup of Christmas Tea, A Memory of Christmas Tea, PEEF The Christmas Bear, A Silent Night for PEEF and two other PEEF stories, When We Are Free, Up to the Lake, The Mark of the Maker

Author and Artist Jodi Hills – I am Amazed, Believe, Slap on A Little Lipstick, Hope-so Too, I’m not too busy, an imperfect life and heart on my sleeve

Author Rick Kupchella – Tell Me What We Did Today and Girls Can

Author Ron Schara – Ron Schara’s Minnesota Fishing Guide and Ron Schara’s Minnesota Bound

Author Dick Jorgenson – Reading with Dad

Artist Marilyn Brown – The Station and Girls Can

Artist Barb Bjornson – Hope-so Too

Artist Steve Harmon – Just One Day

Artist and Author Warren Hanson - Warren recently moved from St. Paul to Houston Texas. We have worked with Warren for 20 years while he lived in Minnesota. Our works with him include –Artist: A Cup of Christmas Tea, A Memory of Christmas Tea, PEEF The Christmas Bear, A Silent Night for PEEF and two other PEEF stories, Up to the Lake, The Mark of the Maker, Tell Me What We Did Today, Reading With Dad. Warren was the author and artist for the following TRISTAN Titles: The Next Place, Paw Prints in the Stars, Beginning, Older Love, Raising You Alone and Kiki’s Hats

We have three new Minnesota talents who will be working with us in 2010 as well!

We have a VP (Vice Paw) of editing…our two year old Shiz-Poo. His name is Bugatti Tristan Waldman and he comes to the office and puts in a full day every day!

Waldman House Press
TRISTAN Outdoors
TRISTAN Publishing


TRISTAN Publishing...books with a message



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Alex Liuzzi - The Center of the Universe

The Center of the Universe

by Alex Liuzzi

ISBN: 1448640563


Something is not right in your world. You are fairly certain it has nothing to do with your blindly up-beat existence. Instead, your twenty-four-year-old mind is convinced a conspiracy is afoot: a conspiracy that will lead you to a foreign land. You may uncover family secrets. You may thwart international terrorists. You will lose your hearing, discover love, rearrange your concept of religion, and chance upon a chicken – all while hoping to unearth the meaning of existence. It will require the help of your sisters and a possible spy, but you think these adventures will bring order to your life, and perhaps, if you are lucky, guide you to the center of the universe. Good luck.

This quirky second-person narrative brings the reader on an adventure into the mind of a young man who is struggling to understand the world and his own place in it. Despite a tendency away from awareness, this young man finds himself on a journey that may help him grow up, possibly mature, and finally come of age. The Center of the Universe is a bold first novel that provides a humorous exploration of survival as it dissects the mind and the process of living.

Alex Liuzzi currently teaches middle school during the day and graduate school professor at night. He has two children who rule the rest of his time. He manages to squeeze in a few enjoyments such as biking and swimming. And every final spare moment is used up writing! He has written many first drafts of novels, but this is the first he has taken through the arduous editing process and up through publication.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Christina Rodriguez - Illustrator

Baseball on Mars / Beisbol En Marte

Illustrations by Christina Rodriguez

Publisher: Arte Publico

Creating the illustrations for Baseball on Mars / Beisbol En Marte (released this month from PiƱata Books) was quite the fun experience! Stylistically, it was a bit of a departure from my “comfort zone” of simplified realism. To match the exaggerated, zany feel of the story, and solidify the theme of embracing one’s imagination, I employed a more carefree approach to my traditional painting technique.

Enhancing my usual painting medium (a mixture of watercolors, watercolor pencils, and gouache) with salt helped me achieve an otherworldly, outer space effect for many of the illustrations in the book. While the paper was still wet with a dark color wash, I sprinkled salt over the painting. The salt absorbed some of the paint while the paper dried, and dusting off the salt afterwards revealed little “starbursts” of lighter color underneath. This technique was very useful in different textures and outer space-inspired effects. The process can be repeated (albeit to lessening degrees of efficacy), or washes of color can be applied on top to subdue the effect.

This is a pretty well-known technique, but it’s definitely worth further exploration. I certainly enjoyed what simple table salt brought to my illustrations!

Born to multicultural parents overseas, Christina Rodriguez grew up as a military “brat” and loved to read, draw, and paint. A good book and her art supplies were always on hand as she relocated from place to place. Later, Christina won scholarships to the Rhode Island School of Design where she graduated in 2003.

Currently, Christina lives and works out of a renovated church in historic Stillwater, Minnesota. She still loves to read, draw, and paint. Newly released picture books featuring her illustrations include The Antarctic Express, The Wishing Tree, and Storm Codes with Minnesotan publishers, as well as the bilingual picture books Baseball on Mars / Beisbol En Marte, Somos Primos / We Are Cousins, Un dia con mis tias / A Day with my Aunts, and Mayte and the Bogeyman / Mayte y el Cuco. Her award-winning work has been recognized by the Midwest Booksellers Association, Foreword Magazine, the Northeastern Minnesota Book Awards, and the Mom's Choice Awards.

When not illustrating or meeting delightful young readers during school visits, Christina serves as a coordinator with the Minnesota Chapter of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. In her spare time, she loves cooking, hula-hooping, and hiking along the St. Croix River with her husband and dog.



Thursday, October 22, 2009

Laura Breck - Secret Vegas Lives

Laura will offer a free GOODIE BAG to one name drawn from those who leave comments on Laura's feature on Reading Minnesota!

by Laura Breck

Red Rose Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-60435-201-6

Mistaken for a blackmailer, socialite Valerie Kane will do anything to keep sexy Italian crime writer Antonio Daniato from publicly exposing her, and Antonio is very interested in seeing how far Valerie will go to protect her reputation.

Bestselling author Antonio Daniato sets a trap to capture his blackmailers, and is surprised when psychologist Valerie Kane stumbles into his arms. She swears she's not involved, but he threatens to expose her unless she reveals her accomplice. When she bares her soul to prove her innocence, Antonio is fascinated, but shaken by the intensity of his desire for her.

Surrendering to temptation, Valerie risks her reputation to let Antonio into her life. But she uncovers evidence that he's staging the blackmail scenes as research for his next book. When she confronts him, it's his turn to convince her of his innocence.

Their outrageous sexual attraction keeps them in each other's arms, but mutual distrust prevents them from admitting deeper emotions. When the true blackmailer threatens to reveal Antonio's double life, Antonio yields to guilt and lets Valerie go.

But Valerie discovers his secret, and will fight for Antonio against an addiction whose hold on him may be stronger than their love.

I’ve been writing since the ‘80s, but I’ve just become serious about it in the last few years. I lived in Las Vegas for three years, love the unique culture, and challenges of Sin City.

One of the primary goals of my writing is to give readers a world into which they can escape the stress of life. And a fun read for lounging on the beach or cuddling up with a blanket and a cup of tea. ~Smart Women ~Sexy Men ~Seductive Romance.

Another goal is to make a difference in the world. That is why each of my books will sponsor a community program, and a percentage of my proceeds will be donated to that organization.

I live in Saint Paul, Minnesota with my family, and although I work a full-time job as a financial analyst for a professional sports team, I write every evening and weekend. I hope to be a full-time writer one day soon, and I take classes in every aspect of writing, marketing, and publishing. I’m a member of Romance Writers of America, Midwest Fiction Writers, Wisconsin Romance Writers of America, and Elements of RWA.

I write a sensual romance with a touch of mystery. I am in a truly wonderful, loving, long-term relationship, and I share my domestic happiness through my characters, who emotionally commit to each other before they begin a physical connection. My goal is to let readers know that love, in monogamous relationships, can be fun and spicy!



Great news! A portion of the proceeds from my book Secret Vegas Lives will be donated to The Shade Tree Shelter in Las Vegas, Nevada, a shelter for women, children and their pets.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Christine Petersen - Does Everyone Have ADHD?

Does Everyone Have ADHD?

A Teen's Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment

by Christine Petersen

ISBN-10: 0531179753

Children’s Press-Scholastic Library Publishing

In Does Everyone Have ADHD? A Teen's Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment, Christine Petersen provides a comprehensive look at ADHD, offering the reader a clear understanding of its psychological impact, as well as methods of diagnosis and various treatment options. Petersen presents the history of the disorder and outlines the basics of brain biology while addressing common questions and concerns related to ADHD. Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder affects the lives of millions of children and adults. Readers learn how those affected by ADHD can learn to cope with their symptoms to survive and even thrive in school, work, and family settings.

I grew up exploring tidepools in a small town along the California coast. My parents encouraged my long, rambling stories during our evening beach walks. Along the way, both nature and narrative became integral to my awareness of the world.

My career began in the early 1990, while I was employed as an assistgant museum biologist. I loved the quiet museum work by day and was exhilarated by nightime fieldwork on bats. A request to do public programs about my work made me nervous. I’m a bit of an introvert and expected to dislike this aspect of the job. But it was a perfect fit. I soon decided to make a career change into K-12 science education.

For nine years I taught at The Blake School in the Twin Cities. Writing children’s educational resource books became a summer occupation, but gradually encompassed more of my interest and time. In 2007 I decided it was time to try writing full-time. Educational literature remains my primary focus, but I’ve also recently begun to write a blog called "Intelligence with the Earth.” I look forward to finding new ways to merge nature and narrative in my life and work.

Children's Press (Scholastic Library Publishing)

Solar Power
Wind Power
Water Power
Alternative Energy
Land Preservation

The Microscope

by Christine Petersen

ISBN-10: 0531139026
Children's Press

What do the airplane, currency, movies, and the telescope have in common? They are all inventions that shaped our world. Imagine what life would be like without them!



Multiple titles from:
Marshall Cavendish Benchmark
Mitchell Lane Publishing
ABDO Publishing

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Birchbark Books

Birchbark Books & Native Arts

2115 W 21st St
Minneapolis, MN 55405

Louise Erdrich

Birchbark Books is operated by spirited people who believe in the power of good writing, the beauty of hand made art, the strength of Native culture, and the importance of intimate bookstores. We are a full-range bookstore with a Native American focus. We also specialize in Native American art and jewelry, clothing, gifts, jewelry, music, and packaged food. Our Online Shop features the web's premiere selection of Native American titles.

We are currently featuring our store owner Louise Erdrich, whose recent novel The Plague of Doves was a 2009 finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in fiction and was named winner of the 2009 Minnesota Book Award for novel and short story.

We are also proud to feature Heid E. Erdrich, Louise's sister, whose most recent work National Monuments was named winner of the 2009 Minnesota Book Award for Poetry.

Lisa Monson - A Day with Abby Sunshine!
Abby Sunshine, a lovable, little puppy, shares her simple pleasures on a typical day. She doesn’t miss a beat- from waking up her buddy, Renae, to collecting pine cones and picking up sticks. The vivid illustration style, which combines photography and brightly colored artwork, brings the story to life and captures the joy in Abby’s daily routine. Abby Sunshine will be at Birchbark Books with the human she owns (author Lisa Monson) to greet you and sign books!

Susan Runholt - Rescuing Seneca Crane
Come meet Minnesota writer Susan Runholt, author of The Mystery of the Third Lucretia, as she presents the further spine-tingling adventures of super sleuths Kari and Lucas in her new book Rescuing Seneca Crane. Especially suited to mystery-loving young teens.

Rachel Coyne - Whiskey Heart
In heightened, luminous prose reminiscent of the best of D.H. Lawrence, Rachel L. Coyne writes about a woman who returns to her Minnesota roots and her dysfunctional extended family in this novel of recovery and redemption. Signing to follow.

Books Reading Series
Rollwagen - Flying
Thursday, October 22 @ 7pm

Join Minneapolis poet Beverly Rollwagen as she reads from her new collection Flying: Prose / Poems. The author sifts through her childhood memories, her years as an airline stewardess, and experiences of later life, including loss and grief, in this deceptively breezy collection of poems and prose poems. Book signing to follow.





Thursday, October 15, 2009

Carrie Hartman - Author and Illustrator

Written by Trudy Harris

Millbrook Pr Trade

ISBN # 10: 0822590670

Author Trudy Harris retells the nursery rhyme, Hickory Dickory Dock, but with a few new twists. The book is about telling time and features a different clock on each spread. An hour goes by after each image and the chase between the mouse and cat gets longer and longer as more animals and characters join in. I was really excited to be asked to illustrate this particular book. I connected with the manuscript, the first time I read it. I knew this book needed energy, and zany characters. I enjoy working on books that allow me to throw a lot of exciting compositions and energy onto the pages. As a child, I was unable to sit still, so when I get a book project that allows me to be ‘hyper’ on the pages, I am in my element.

Carrie Hartman graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design with her degree in Illustration. Her illustration work includes: editorial, children’s books and book illustration, character development, advertising, posters, greeting cards, comic books, stationary, animation projects and murals.

Carrie has received several illustration awards from the Los Angeles Society of Illustrators,, the Association of Educational Publishers award for the best illustrated children’s book for the educational industry and recognition from the Educational Press Association.

Carrie is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and the Children’s Literature Network.

Carrie lives in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. She has 1 amazing husband, 3 incredible children and 2 pretentious pets.

by Carrie Hartman

The first picture book that I both illustrated and wrote is called Child of Mine, published by Maren Green Publishing. I didn’t actually intend for this book to be published.
Child of Mine is about the sometimes extreme highs and lows that come with being the parent and/or caregiver of a child that struggles emotionally. Whether it is ADHD/ADD, autism, anxiety, depression, ODD, or other reasons, it is difficult emotionally to ride this roller coaster. It is about how the parent and the child struggle and how to find hope through it all. When my book was on display at MCAD, I received countless emails from people who had seen the book and urged me to find a publisher. I was really touched to hear stories from people who said they related to the book either when they were growing up, perhaps due to a sibling, or they relate to it right now as a parent. Many people commented that my book made them cry. I admit, I wasn’t expecting that others were feeling the same way. All I can say, is I was as honest as I can be in the book. You are reading my very personal thoughts and seeing our struggles play out on the pages. It is truly a project that I will always be most proud of.
The Mischievous Mom At The Art Gallery
It’s Hard To Be A Verb
Child of Mine
Feelings to Share, from A to Z
Manners are Import
ant for You and Me
Personal Space Camp
My Mouth is a Volcano


I am currently writing a few picture books. Also in the mix, I will be contributing several illustrations for a book project for a foundation called, Santa’s Traveling Workshop The foundation provides gifts to children during the holidays in times of hardship due to hurricanes, disasters, losing a parent that has been killed in Iraq or Afghanistan, etc.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sharon Wagner - Illustrator


In 2009 the MNSCBWI chose Sharon Wagner’s illustration for the Hope Card Project. Each SCBWI chapter donated a poem and illustration to benefit the school children in Australia hurt by the fires there. She won the 2009 SCBWI mentorship award with successful illustrator Carrie Hartman. Her illustration Red Wings Over Red Wing is on display at the Depot gallery in Red Wing until November 22, 2009, along with many other CBIG (Children's Book Illustrator's Guild) members. And, she is working on a headshot for Beth for her character Belly LaGossa, a mischievous dog of questionable heritage that sees ghosts!
Sharon’s artwork is also featured in the October issue of My Light Magazine (God Blesses All Creatures— October issue of

Sharon Wagner graduated from UWSTOUT in 1991 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. But it wasn't until she started work as a flight attendant for Mesaba Airlines that she started to take her painting seriously. She began by taking suitcase sized paper and a watercolor set along on her layovers. To this day she still uses that medium. But at the time it was out of necessity. The paper was light weight and the watercolor/gouache dried fast.
Until 2007, she sold her creations at local art fairs, galleries and shops including the Edina Art Fair, the Stockholm Art Fair, Edina's Fall into the Art’s Festival, and the Edina Art Center. When customers started inquiring about children's books, the light bulb went on. That seemed a perfect fit for her whimsical style. She joined the SCBWI and has been pursuing freelance illustration ever since. Sharon currently lives in Minneapolis with her husband Dean and two cats, Hana and Acua. If you read her blog you will discover her other passion—Travel and Photography.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Melinda Braun - Luella


by Melinda Braun

Savage Press

ISBN-10: 1886028850

When two sisters find an orphan duckling in an abandoned nest, they take it home, name it Luella. The girls introduce her to the dog, Pancake the pug. Luella imprints on Pancake and grows up thinking she is a dog, so the sisters do their best to teach Luella how to be a duck, namely by trying to teach her to swim. But Luella has her own ideas, and does not take like a "duck to water". In the end, it takes a special teacher to show her who she really is.

Melinda Braun has been doodling ever since she could first hold a crayon. Her first picture book, Luella, was published by Savage Press in 2007. Currently, she has finished the first book of her YA novel series, and is actively searching for literary representation. She lives in Minneapolis with her husband, two spoiled cats, and eagerly awaiting the birth of her first child. She can be contacted through her blog to do any book readings/signings at schools, libraries, and/or bookstores.


October 24 - morning

Reading/Book Signing
Three Sisters Furnishings and Gifts
New London, MN

“The art is outstanding and the story is so cute! Kids are going to love this one.” — Amanda Parker, Manager at J.W. Beecroft Books & Coffee

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lois Greiman - One Hot Mess

by Lois Greiman

Published by Dell

ISBN-10: 0440244773

In southern California it’s raining crime—and psychologist Christina McMullen could use an umbrella. Her clients are crazy, her on-again-off-again relationship with LAPD lieutenant Jack Rivera has just started heating up again, and now Rivera’s womanizing dad has come calling—asking Chrissy to investigate a mysterious death that might haunt his next campaign: for president of the United States. Soon Chrissy is investigating not one “accidental” death, but two—until she stumbles on a trail of bodies littering Senator Rivera’s distinguished career. As she untangles a web of high-stakes lies, Chrissy believes that she’s found the secret to a serial killer’s underground campaign. The killer has a list, a motive, and the perfect disguise—the only question is: who’s next?

“Sexy…sassy…An entertaining series.” —Mystery Scene“For the Janet Evanovich fans who are craving a protagonist similar to Stephanie Plum.” —

NOT ONE CLUE is the next in the series to be released in March 2010

Born on a North Dakota cattle ranch, Lois Greiman graduated from a high school class of sixty students before moving to Minnesota where she professionally trained and showed Arabian Horses for several years. Since that time she's been a high fashion model, a fitness instructor, and a veterinary assistant. But an incurable case of writing fever put a stop to all those occupations. Since selling her first book to Avon in 1992, she has sold 25 romance novels including her Witches of Mayfair series and 6 mysteries. While caring for three children, fifteen horses, and a menagerie of pets on her small farm in Minnesota, Ms. Greiman writes full time, producing two or three novels a year and garnering much praise from readers and reviewers alike.

Her Highland novels have received Affaire de Couer's Critic's Choice Award, Romantic Times K.I.S.S. Award, and been nominated for Romance Writer's of America's prestigious Rita. Her titles have appeared on Barnes and Nobles Best Selling Romance list and won her the Midwest Fiction Writer's Rising Star Award.

SEDUCED BY YOUR SPELL (released February 2009) is a wild ride through the streets of London where people are not who they seem to be; spells and magic are the order of the day, and love is being pushed away by two very needy souls. Mystery surrounds Jasper, as well as the ladies of Lavender House, but it also dominates the real reason why the girls are disappearing off the streets. There are some heated fantasy scenes between Jasper and Maddie, and a few real encounters which will have readers fanning themselves!

"Readers of Lois Greiman will enjoy her latest passionate, adventurous novel. Don't miss SEDUCED BY YOUR SPELL." --
Jani Brooks, Romance Reviews Today

"Greiman grips readers with a tale of witches caught in a maelstrom of violence and passion. The pages fly by, sexual tension--both real and fantasized-- rises and surprise after surprise lead to the finale.. Greiman is a storyteller extraordinaire."-- Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

October 26th, 7:00pm

Speaking Engagement
Booked 4 Murder
Long Lake Library
Long Lake, MN

November 15th
Writing Workshop
The Loft in Minneapolis, MN

European Historical Romance
Bewitching the Highlander (2007)

Tempting the Wolf (2006)
Taming the Barbarian (2005)
Seducing a Princess (2004)
The Princess Masquerade (2004)
The Princess and Her Pirate (2003)
The Warrior Bride
The MacGowan Betrothal
Fraser Bride
Highland Hawk
Highland Enchantment
Highland Scoundrel
The Lady and the Knight
Highland Wolf
Highland Flame
Highland Jewel

One Hot Mess (2009)
Unmanned (2007)
Unscrewed (2007)
Unplugged (2006)
Unzipped (2005)

Paranormal Romance
Seduced By Your Spell (2009)
Under Your Spell (2008)

American Historical Romance

Surrender My HeartMy
DesperadoThe Gambler

Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Counterfeit Cowgirl
Her Bodyguard
From Caviar to Chao


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shawn McCann - The Path to Forgiveness

The Path to Forgiveness

Written by Michele Deville

Illustrations by Shawn McCann

If you learned to forgive today, how would your life change tomorrow? The Path To Forgiveness is an inspirational journey of the heart to a place where one can discover the power of forgiveness, peace and hope.

Shawn McCann is an illustrator and Fine Artist currently residing in Otsego, Minnesota. An alumnus of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD), with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration, Shawn continues to explore different facets within areas of medium, style, content, and creativity.

Shawn has been working in the areas of illustration and fine arts for over four years, and has been creating art since his first elementary art class a number of years ago.

In April 2004, Shawn was appointed to the MCAD Alumni Board of Directors.

Shawn is also a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and has been accepted two years consecutively into the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles' annual online and original exhibitions. His work has also been showN in numerous other exhibitions throughout the country.

Illustrating childrens books is one of the great things I love about being an artist. Being able to create a rich environment of color and texture that engages kids is the driving force behind my work. For there is nothing better than opening up an entirely new world each and every time a child opens a book. Having attended The Minneapolis College of Art and Design, I was taught that the sky is the limit. Wherever your imagination will take you is where you need to be. Childrens books allow that very notion and I wouldn’t have it any other way!



Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Penury Press

An award-winning publisher
of fine mysteries and mirth

Pat Dennis - Owner

Penury's first book, HOTDISH TO DIE FOR, a collection of culinary mystery short stories and hotdish recipes quickly became a regional best seller. Penury’s second book, STAND-UP AND DIE, won the Merit Award for Fiction form the Midwest Independent Publishers Association. Penury’s third book was WHO DIED IN HERE? It is a collection of 25 mystery short stories by 25 master storytellers where the crime occurs in the bathroom. HOTDISH HAIKU features 13 poets celebrating, yet lampooning the existence of hotdish. Included in the book are 50 haiku and 30 oriental hotdish recipes. There are over 25,000 books of Penury Press in print.


(Six culinary short stories and 18 hotdish recipes)

"Wickedly wonderful!"— Minnesota Women's Press. "A hilarious new book…the stories are hilarious."— Frank Vascellero, KARE 11
Author: Pat Dennis
ISBN-10: 0967634407
ISBN-13: 978-0967634401

(An anthology of 25 mystery short stories where the crime occurs in the bathroom.)

“These stories are edgy, sometimes gritty, contain lots of humor and some horror! You're gonna love 'em.” Armchair Interviews.

Contributing authors: R.T. Lawton, Kris Neri, Thomas Bray, Bev Vincent, Terry Burlison, Michael Giorgio, Nick Andreychuk, Mike Befeler, Peggy Jaegly, Stephen D. Rogers, Michael Learmond , Pat Dennis, Kevin Carollo, David Dumitru, R.J. Mills, Beverle Graves Myers, Jeremy Yoder, James C. Wardlaw, Donna Sundblad, Sandra Levy Ceren, Lori G. Armstrong, A.S. Berman, Lance Zarimba, Joan Hall Hovey, Dean Johnson.
ISBN # 0-9676344-2-3

(50 haiku and 30 hotdish recipes)

Contributing authors: Mary Hirsch, Dean Johnson, Mary Monica Pulver, Jeremy Yoder, Lance Zarimba, Codey Livingood, Peggy Jaegly, Thea Miller Ryan, Marit Livingood, Marilyn Victor, Wendy Nelson, Sandra Thomas, Dale Wolf, and Pat Dennis.ISBN-10: 0967634431

ISBN-13: 978-0967634432

(A mystery novel set in the Minnesota comedy world.)
by Pat Dennis

"Her characters are as wacky as one would expect from a professional comedienne. This book won't scare you from sleep, but it may make you die from laughing. We rated it four hearts.” Heartland Reviews.

ISBN 0967634415

We’re sorry but Penury Press does not accept submissions or queries of any kind, except for particular contests or themed anthologies that have been announced on their website.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

J L Wilson - Temperance


by J L Wilson

ISBN: 978-141-992-0073

It’s 1934 and St. Paul is a haven for gangsters, criminals and other ne’er-do-wells. It’s also the temporary home of Marcos Darby, a time traveler from the twenty-third century who’s overstayed his welcome in the past.

Will Taupert is a Guide with the History Patrol, sent with his telepathic companion Theo to bring Darby back to the future. Will and Theo have been on many time trips together, but this one seems different, familiar, and Will starts to wonder if he’s been here before.

For Theo, this trip is her one chance to earn Will’s forgiveness for wrongs in a former lifetime. Now history is repeating itself and she can’t do anything but watch as Will is forced to make a fateful decision, one that could grant Theo forgiveness or end her life.


J L Wilson is a Midwestern author who writes ‘mysteries with a touch of romance … and romance with a touch of gray.’ She also writes time travel books and has just kicked off a paranormal-political thriller series, set on another planet.

She has 13 books out with contracts for 5 more books in 2010 and 5 more in 2011. After that, it’s anybody’s guess. She can be found on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and a few blogs here and there.



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