Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lost Hills Books - Bruce Henricksen

Duluth, MN
Owner - Bruce Henricksen

Founded by Bruce Henricksen in 2008, Lost Hills Books is dedicated to publishing fiction and poetry of the highest quality. The company’s first book was From the Other World: Poems in Memory of James Wright, ed. Bruce Henricksen and Robert Johnson. Some of Wright’s finest poems were written during his years in MN, and this collection appropriately features many Minnesota poets inspired by Wright as well as work by Wright’s best-known contemporaries. Last year, Lost Hills published Staying Blue by Gibbons Ruark. Gibbons, who lives in North Carolina, has had a distinguished career in American letters, and one of the poems in Staying Blue was chosen for Best American Poetry of 2009. In 2010 Lost Hills will publish a first poetry collection by Charmaine Donovan, President of the League of Minnesota Poets. A second poetry collection by various hands will be published, and, although most submissions to Lost Hills are read by invitation, open submissions are invited for this project. To learn more, visit


From the Other World: Poetry in Memory of James Wright

After the Floods, novel by Bruce Henricksen

Estuary, poems by Barbary Chaapel

Staying Blue, poems by Gibbons Ruark

Two additional books are planned for 2010. Books may be purchased at the Lost Hills website Bruce’s story collection, while not published by Lost Hills, is also available here.

Bruce graduated from UMN Minneapolis, where he studied under James Wright and Allen Tate. He earned a Ph.D. in literature from the University of California and subsequently taught at Loyola University New Orleans, where he chaired the English Department and edited New Orleans Review.
Bruce is the author of Nomadic Voices, a study of the major novels of Joseph Conrad. Bruce’s short stories have appeared in many magazines, and his collection, Ticket to a Lonely Town, received second-place honors for the Grace Paley Prize in 2005. It was published the following year. He has also authored a novel, After the Floods.
Bruce has lived in Duluth MN since 1996. His blog reviews books, suggests writing exercises, and talks about author events:

Since starting Lost Hills Books in 2008, Bruce Henricksen has done signings, readings, and has offered workshops at numerous locations in Minnesota, Louisiana, and Florida. Most recently, he conducted a three-hour workshop for the Brainerd Writers’ Alliance. The topic was voice and persona in poetry. He also does workshops on the craft of prose fiction, and he speaks on James Wright. His presentations can be directed at either reading groups or writing groups. Interested parties may contact him at

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