Monday, March 29, 2010

Helen L. Montgomery

Skinwalker Moon

By Helen L. Montgomery

Love. Magic. Terror.

Sara Sawyer is swept from her feet by the Indian traditionalist known only as “Hawk.” Mysterious and mystical, he enshrouds her in a world of magic...until one day, with little explanation, he returns to the forests that had formerly been his life.

Two years pass. Sara, a reporter, is sent to cover an unusual killing—a man has been found dead with a look of screaming terror on his face. Sara senses there’s more to the killing than meets the eye but rejects the notion that repeatedly suggests itself: that the actual cause of death was something supernatural.

That night, at the height of a fierce storm, Hawk returns, bringing with him the disturbing tale of a skinwalker: a dreadful spirit creature he claims is responsible for the killing. But in rejecting a supernatural premise, Sara is forced to face the possibility that Hawk himself may be the killer.

Helen L. Montgomery has been a writer since the third grade when she successfully negotiated a deal with her teacher to write stories using her weekly spelling words rather than write them out ten times each. She is the author of several published short stories and the group facilitator for Southside Writers, an Eagan area writers critique group. A novelist at heart, Skinwalker Moon is her debut work.

I donate my time doing readings at local senior centers and retirement communities. My next scheduled reading is May 11, 2010 for the residents at the Commons on Marice in Eagan.

Outskirts Press

"Montgomery reinvents the werewolf for the 21st century... A must read for monster fans everywhere."

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“A great read that will give your imagination a real thrill ride.” Full review at

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