Friday, April 16, 2010



A Sadie Witt Mystery

Echelon Press

Oh dear me! Sadie Witt is about to defy protocol when she sets out to solve a murder at the Witt’s End Resort. Protocol? In Sadie’s opinion, nobody has the right to tell senior citizens they must adhere to outdated practices, especially when a few cantankerous ghosts meander over from the mortuary next door.

Mayhem is on the rise at the Witt’s End Resort, especially Cabin 14 where no guest ever leaves alive. To make matters worse, Sadie Witt must untangle a murderous web while struggling to prevent an unscrupulous sheriff’s deputy from shutting down her lakeside resort.

When guests arrive at Cabin 14, they’re stunned to learn Sadie is their conduit to the hereafter. Clad in outlandish outfits, (clothing typically reserved for those without sagging body parts) and sporting hairdos that make bystanders want to look away but can’t, Sadie realizes one of the guests had been murdered and works against the clock to prevent further mayhem.

Like the main character in her Sadie Witt Mystery Series, Beth Solheim was born with a healthy dose of imagination and a hankering to solve a puzzle. She learned her reverence for reading from her mother, who was never without a book in her hand.

By day, Beth works in Human Resources. By night she morphs into a writer who frequents lake resorts and mortuaries and hosts a ghost or two in her humorous paranormal mysteries. Beth is a member of Mystery Writers of America and Midwest Fiction Writers and recently signed a contract for the first two books in her mystery series.



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  1. Nice feature on your book, Beth!