Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Colin Sokolowski - The Accidental Adult

The Accidental Adult

Essays and advice for the reluctantly
responsible and marginally mature

by Colin Sokolowski

You didn’t plan on this happening, but it did.

Your two-door coupe morphed into a sliding-door minivan. Bar hopping turned into movie nights on the couch. You used to write Viewer Mail to David Letterman. Now you write letters to the editor. And golf? It’s not funny to suck anymore.

Welcome to life as an Accidental Adult.

If life's the ultimate road trip, it's time to stop listening to the GPS of responsible adulthood. Instead, follow the lead of reluctant grown-up Colin Sokolowski, who proves growing up doesn't necessarily mean selling out. With a little guidance and a sure-fire sanity system for coping with life among the assimilated adults, you can survive the inevitable trek to middle age as an accidental adult and have some fun along the way.

Part how-to advice and part how-not-to narrative, The Accidental Adult leads you along an alternate path through adulthood. With it, you'll realize that just because you're older doesn't mean you have to be lamer.

Who is The Accidental Adult?

COLIN SOKOLOWSKI is the guy friends call to answer music trivia questions, not for help hanging sheetrock. He also can’t tell the difference between a Chianti or a Cabernet and he really doesn’t care. When he’s playing the part of a grownup, Colin is a communications professional in the field of education and has written a variety of articles for Twin Cities media. He and his wife live in Vadnais Heights, Minnesota, where he gives scooter rides to their three children.

Colin is a professional writer; however, his proudest literary accomplishment was when the Star Tribune chose his letter to the editor--defending Van Halen's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction--as its "Letter of the Day."

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