Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Aquarium Secrets Revealed!

Aquarium Secrets Revealed!

By David Thompson

Aquarium Secrets Revealed! will walk the new or experienced hobbyist step by step through the process of setting up a beautiful and healthy aquarium for their prized tropical fish. These secrets provide guidance from the first trip to the pet store to the final step of what to do when a vacation or business trip takes the hobbyist away from their hobby. My mistakes and successes provide the foundation for these easy to use secrets of success. Every hobbyist will learn something valuable from this ebook. Following these steps with patience and diligence will save time, money, and potential loss of valuable fish due to improper handling, acclimation, or preparation. Each technique is clearly explained to make certain your aquarium set up will be “pristine” perfect and a focal point of the room. The hobbyist will feel as if I am holding their hand as they go through the process from planning, to purchasing, to admiring their aquarium.

The author has written this book after several years of breeding, raising, and showing tropical fish. The production of this book has been a desire for many, many years. Life has finally provided David the opportunity to write and publish a handbook that will give new and old hobbyists alike the secrets they need to successfully set up and establish a healthy, safe, and efficiently managed aquarium display in their home or office. A peaceful aquarium display in your home or office provides a nice escape from the rigors of life. Those few golden moments you cherish while watching your fish will let you forget about the daily pressures you face. Cover to cover you will find “Secrets” that will minimize your investment of time and money while you enjoy a terrific hobby.