Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CITISCAPE Vol 1 - Anthology

The Twin Cities - Cifiscape Vol. I

The Twin Cities
is an anthology of science fiction with a geographic bent. The focus of this anthology is the Twin Cities. A lot of the time science fiction is just written, but we wanted to branch out and include two graphic artists as well. So what we have is seven storytellers telling their particular perspective on how the future of the Twin Cities will look. These stories tend to talk about a dystopian future. Each of the futures has their own mixture of joy and pain. Each has characters that are memorable and well crafted. All of these storytellers are people who live in the Twin Cities and rely heavily on the Twin Cities for inspiration.

Ken Avidor
Brian Garrity www.briangarrity.com
Toianna Gum
Max Hrabal
Bob Lipski http://boblipski.wordpress.com
Ken Lubold
Aaron M. Wilson www.soullessmachine.com




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