Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dress Up by Joel Skelton

Dress Up

by Joel Skelton

Broadway director Wyatt Stark's smash hit, Dress Up, a free-spirited, spaghetti strap of a tale set during New York’s legendary fashion week, has played at full capacity for almost two years. Wyatt is taking his wildly successful musical to Hollywood with the help of his business partner, Murphy. But Wyatt is on the edge, overworked by the industry and overwrought by a terrible breakup, and so he agrees to spend the summer before production starts recuperating at Murphy’s secluded beach house in Maine.

It's there that Wyatt meets and falls for Ryan Taylor—but Ryan isn’t who he portrays himself to be. Distressed and desperately in love, Ryan weaves a web of lies in an effort to secure Wyatt's heart, hoping and praying that their romance can survive the deception. When Wyatt discovers the truth, will their love be there to stay, or will it be, like a worn-out fashion trend, yesterday’s news?

Joel Skelton is the son of a big-band pianist. Consequently, the arts have always played a prominent role in Joel’s life. Much to Dad’s dismay, piano lessons gave way to the saxophone which was eventually retired when the stage called out loud and clear. Writing is the latest destination in the author’s tour of the arts.

Born and raised in central Minnesota, Joel, along with his partner, Patrick currently live in the thriving Minnesota arts community commonly referred to as the Twin Cities. In addition to writing, Joel loves the theater, The Current, gardening, biking, limitless wine tasting and he leaps at every opportunity to travel.


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  1. Jackie Osking tried to leave a post, but was unable to get it to go through. She asked that I pass on her comment:

    "I loved Joel's book, DRESS UP. It was an enjoyable read."

    Thank you, Jackie, for your comment.

  2. Pages into Dress Up, Joel had me laughing and continued to do so throughout the book. That is, up until the end where he had tears in my eyes.
    Dress Up is witty, charming, enlightening and very well written.
    Joel has written a romance between two men beautifully. The characters have emotions that are moving and evoking. There is a line in the book that struck a chord with me, “How unfair the world is. How is my love any different from anyone else’s?” With eagerness, I stepped out of my comfort zone to read Dress Up and I'm glad I did. Sure, I blushed here and there, but what well-written love scene doesn’t. Reading Dress Up reminded me love is love and God made us who we are. We are all gifts and deserve to love someone and receive their love in return.