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Penny's Tale - Mary Jo Mosher

Penny’s Tale

by Mary Jo Mosher

Penny’s Tale is about a child’s psychological suffering at the hands of negligent adults, her subsequent adoption at age 10, her ongoing search for her birth parents, and her tenacious push for release of her birth records. The story is told from Penny’s point of view.

The fortunate children born of dysfunctional relationships are given up as babies and placed in loving, secure homes. The unfortunate children are the older ones who end up in orphanages or foster homes and never experience permanency in their lives. Some become delinquents; others become psychologically damaged and can’t function well in society. Adoptive homes are scarce for the older child.

When a child enters the adoption courts, a new birth certificate is issued that states the child was born to the adoptive parents. The child’s original birth certificate is placed in an agency file never to see daylight again, and the birth family ceases to exist.

Adoption is a timely subject, especially in states where many adopted persons are pushing legislators to change the laws regarding access to adoption records. This book is based on a true story and deals with this issue as well as other aspects of adoption.

Mary Jo Mosher, whose home is in Becker, Minnesota, is a retired newspaper reporter and editor with a master’s degree in journalism. She was co-founder of her local newspaper, and several of her free-lance stories have appeared in horse magazines including Trail Rider and Western Horseman. She co-authored Hiking Minnesota published by Globe Pequot Press in 2002 and authored One Man Against the Mountain published by Studio See, Inc. in 2008. Her summers are spent volunteering for the U.S. Forest Service in Wyoming’s Bighorn National Forest with her husband and three horses.

Hiking Minnesota by Mary Jo Mosher and Kristine Mosher, second edition published by Globe Pequot Press in 2009

One Man Against the Mountain by Mary Jo Mosher, published by Galde Press


Galde Press


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