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One Man Against the Mountain by Mary Jo Mosher

One Man Against the Mountain

by Mary Jo Mosher

This is book is the slightly embellished story of one man’s true-life solitary struggle for survival in a brutal, unrelenting winter atop the Bighorn Mountains in Northern Wyoming. Some names have been changed and events left out in the telling of this story. Actual journal entries by long-time Sheridan resident and game hunter Danny Longwell punctuate this re-creation of his quest to prove he could survive anything the mountain could dish out.

This story isn’t just about a man’s struggle to survive a brutal Walker Prairie winter in a canvas tent. It’s also about Danny Longwell’s struggles within himself: his feelings about his overly strict father, his feelings about death, his lack of self-confidence, and his battles with loneliness.

Through the brutally cold, stormy winter, as he labors to keep warm and meditates on his life and his sanity for this undertaking, he slowly comes to an understanding regarding himself and others.


Mary Jo Mosher, whose home is in Becker, Minnesota, is a retired newspaper reporter and editor with a master’s degree in journalism. She was co-founder of her local newspaper, and several of her free-lance stories have appeared in horse magazines including Trail Rider and Western Horseman. She co-authored Hiking Minnesota published by Globe Pequot Press in 2002 and authored One Man Against the Mountain published by Studio See, Inc. in 2008. Her summers are spent volunteering for the U.S. Forest Service in Wyoming’s Bighorn National Forest with her husband and three horses.


Publisher: Galde Press



Hiking Minnesota by Mary Jo Mosher and Kristine Mosher, second edition published by Globe Pequot Press in 2009
Penny's Tale by Mary Jo Mosher, published by Galde Press

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