Friday, October 31, 2014

Eye of the Storm by Aimee Kuzenski

Eye of the Storm

by Aimee Kuzenski

The old gods aren’t gone. Whether you know it or not, they’re closer than a breath upon your cheek.

Alexander Sekhmet keeps to himself, far from the Machiavellian games played by his Family, and as a result he’s led a quiet ordered life. Until now.

When his legendary temper is exploited by an ancient enemy, tricking him into destroying his human identity, he takes drastic steps to protect his empire. He possesses the body of Camilla Sykes, a West Point lieutenant, and takes her identity, memories…and soul with him.

Ian Dorsey, Classics PhD candidate, has lost his job and his father in one fiery afternoon, and appears to be losing his mind in the bargain. Why else is he hearing voices that are telling him to kill his father’s client? Or are the voices coming from somewhere darker?

When gods and mortals meet, the Apocalypse follows.


Aimee Kuzenski was born in Clintonville, WI, and currently lives in northeast Minneapolis, MN. She moved there in 1996 in an effort to use her BFA Acting Power for good, and discovered she didn't really enjoy having no health care and looking for a new job every four weeks. After some discussion and internal musing, Aimee took herself to the University of Minnesota for electrical engineering training. The final result seems to be a blending of the two extremely different disciplines. By day, she works as a technical writer for a local engineering company. For much of the rest of the time, she sits in her home studio and writes fantasy, science fiction, and her own blend of the two.

Aimee has been inhaling science fiction and fantasy since her childhood. Starting with six hour marathons of classic Dr Who on Sundays and every single book on Greek myths her grandmother would allow her to check out, she moved on to the adult SF/F stacks, read everything there, and hasn't stopped since. After discovering the existence of conventions in high school (Wiscon 1988, woo!), Aimee has been active in as many conventions as she could, including acting as MC for the CONvergence masquerade for its first few years and participating in many panels.

Unwilling to stop at intellectual pursuits, Aimee also trains in eskrima, a Filipino martial art. She believes hitting things with sticks is both beautiful and therapeutic.

Aimee has an apartment, a hairless cat, two house bunnies, and reams of fantastic friends.

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