Friday, November 14, 2014

Minnesota's Lost Towns by Rhonda Fochs

Minnesota's Lost Towns

by Rhonda Fochs

Journey to the past and visit over 100 northern Minnesota lost towns. Read what created them, how they grew and prospered, why they died, where they are located, and what you'll see there today. Learn the stages of a "boom and bust" cycle and how lost towns are classified according to their physical remnants. Written in a personal narrative style, Minnesota's Lost Towns is filled with then and now photos and amusing tales and anecdotes. The book is a fun read for historians, tourists, genealogists, and anyone who loves a good story.


After several years of working in the public and private sector, doing everything from assembling Tonka Toy trucks (when they were made in America), working in a LP record distribution warehouse, serving in a variety of public governmental roles, managing a construction office, to becoming a social studies teacher at the age of forty-two, Rhonda is recently retired.

Her passion for history, especially local and regional history, has resulted in Minnesota’s Lost Towns: Northern Edition, which chronicles over 100 northern Minnesota used-to-be towns and communities.

As she and her family (including the dog)  travel the state, north, east, south and west, she is now working on the second book in the Lost Towns Series, this one covering Central Minnesota. She is also presently working on a book detailing other regional points of interest.


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