Friday, February 20, 2015

Grace at Spirit Lake by Colin Mustful

Grace at Spirit Lake

by Colin Mustful

Along the wintry landscape of a pristine and hopeful frontier, tragedy struck and strife followed.

Joseph Campbell is a thirty-one year old, mixed-breed interpreter who finds himself helplessly intertwined in the real life actions, events, and people of a harrowing, but largely unknown struggle in the history of Minnesota. Joseph grew up along the expanding western frontier and he developed an intimacy for the people and places along with a deep seated knowledge of the varying cultures and languages. Following a massacre incited by Inkpaduta and the Wahpekute Indians in March of 1857, Joseph becomes torn between his duties as a U.S. Interpreter and his deep understanding, compassion, and kinship ties for his Dakota brethren. Joseph struggles desperately to uphold the rights of the Indians while at the same time seeking to capture and punish the guilty party. All the while, Joseph discovers a brooding conflict within himself that he longs to understand and finally overcome.


Colin Mustful is a Minnesota author and historian with an extensive background in Native American history. More specifically the author has studied the subjugation and extinguishment of the Native American as well as the reasoning and justifications for such actions by those who have sought to expel, erase, and destroy western indigenous cultures.

Colin is originally from Minnesota, but travels frequently. Most recently, Colin has set off to hike the entire Pacific Crest Trail stretching from Mexico to Canada. In addition to writing and travel, Colin is an avid soccer player and a frequent marathoner.

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