Friday, May 22, 2015

Thy Eternal Summer by Colin Mustful

Thy Eternal Summer

by Colin Mustful

Finally, the guard called me out. The crowd was large and boisterous, and their attention was directed solely toward me. Men and women and even some children had gathered in scores outside the courthouse...The crowd grew loud and angry. "He is a traitor!" they shouted derisively while their faces were filled with hate. "He murdered whites! He should be tortured and hanged!" I heard them continually call out. More objects came flying toward me, and I huddled low from between the guards for protection as if they were a walled fortress from which within I could hide. Finally, I made it inside the courtroom and the door was closed behind me.

On December 26, 1862, thirty-eight Sioux Indians were hanged in Mankato, Minnesota, in what remains the largest mass execution in United States history. The Indians were hanged as a result of what is known today as the U.S. - Dakota Conflict of 1862. Through the use of extensive primary source documents, Thy Eternal Summer recreates this conflict in an accurate and interesting manner. The novel centers on Alfred Riggs, a young missionary who becomes intertwined with the people, places, and events of the calamitous struggle. Throughout the conflict Alfred is continually forced to consider the perspectives of all those involved and to do what he believes is right, even at his own peril. The events and people are real and the story is largely historically accurate. Thy Eternal Summer is a compelling story of adventure, hardship, and conflict.


Colin Mustful is a Minnesota author and historian with an extensive background in Native American history. More specifically the author has studied the subjugation and extinguishment of the Native American as well as the reasoning and justifications for such actions by those who have sought to expel, erase, and destroy western indigenous cultures.

Colin is originally from Minnesota, but travels frequently. Most recently, Colin has set off to hike the entire Pacific Crest Trail stretching from Mexico to Canada. In addition to writing and travel, Colin is an avid soccer player and a frequent marathoner.

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