Thursday, August 26, 2010

Leslie Peterson - Redshift Blueshift

REDSHIFT BLUESHIFT: The Pendulum of Time

by Leslie Peterson

The first aliens to arrive on planet Earth were the Dorts. They were amoebalike and frighteningly large, but they did favor us with the Theory of Transformation—a brilliant advance over prior attempts by theoretical and particle physicists to create the ultimate, Unified Theory of Everything; but like all great theories, even theirs had limitations.

Centuries after the first Dorts arrived, Laura Shane was born. She reinterpreted the Dort Theory by giving it the “finishing touch” of her genius. It led to the faster than light removal of miles-deep, cone-shaped plugs from planet Earth. The latest and largest such Cone carried a crew of thousands. It was named the Great Cone of Transformation.

Through his 3T Corporation, Ned Keller directed the creation of Cones. Despite Laura’s unease about her first voyage into space, she and Ned went together on the Great Cone’s maiden mission.

Two weeks later they were light years from home when Ned’s “boss,” Jack Lewis, arrived to inform them of an event on Earth with implications for their mission. Unfortunately his concern did not include awareness of what those implications might be; but they were already in peril. It was sabotage—the first in a series of calamities.

Before the final calamity began to close in on them (the “Big Rip,” set to destroy the entire local multiverse) and before Jack’s recent arrival, it was still teatime on the Great Cone. Laura and Ned were having a pleasant morning beside her pool. The story begins there, with our attractive young genius sipping tea and deep in thought about her bewildering circumstances and the unchanged perception of all the things around her. Ned was reading comfortably in a nearby lounge chair. Now and then he’d look up to speak of love, while shamelessly admiring her long and lovely legs.

Leslie Peterson lives in Plymouth Minnesota. He received his undergraduate degree from the U of Minnesota and began a varied social work career in NYC after his MSW degree from the U of Utah. That was followed by several years working in therapeutic community settings within the Utah State Hospital. He later taught for six years (Associate Professor at Mankato State U, in MN), and then four years as program director for a large state hospital. There were many other professional activities during his thirty-seven years in that field. He likes to travel, write, read popular works on cosmology and particle physics, enjoys most forms of adventure and science fiction, and delights in visits with his daughters and grandchildren. REDSHIFT BLUESHIFT: The Pendulum of Time is his first novel.

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