Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lucy's Hero: Remembering Paul Wellstone


By Karen Shragg
Illustrated by Bryan Klotz

Lucy's Hero: Remembering Paul Wellstone, is a children's picture book, written by Karen Shragg and illustrated by Bryan Klotz. It is published by Raven Productions. The story is told from the perspective of a fictional farm girl, named Lucy. Lucy’s family and community are helped by Paul Wellstone following a devastating flood which ruined their crops and threatened their livelihoods. Lucy and her family become strong supporters of Senator Wellstone and are greatly affected by the news of the crash of the Senator’s plane. The book leaves us with the comforting notion that while Paul and Sheila may be gone their work and ideals will live on through the efforts of those they have inspired. The thirty-two page book was illustrated in full-spread watercolor paintings.

Bryan Klotz is an illustrator and educator. He has lived and worked in Canada, the Bahamas, and Minnesota. Currently Bryan lives with his wife and two children in Plymouth, MN and he teaches in Eden Prairie. Lucy's Hero: Remembering Paul Wellstone is Bryan’s first children’s picture book.

Bryan can be reached at

Raven Productions, Inc.

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