Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Barefoot, Shoefoot - Children's Book

Barefoot, Shoefoot

By Mary Clare Lockman

Barefoot, Shoefoot came from an idea Mary Clare had when she was 21 years old. Years later she brought it to a children’s literature class. Their positive feedback inspired Mary Clare to continue with the story.

She decided to self-publish the book. It was a challenging and interesting learning experience putting the book together from start to finish. She was thrilled to find an illustrator and designer from the Twin Cities and a printing company from Superior, Wisconsin. It was a true local effort.

The book is written in a loose poetic style with strong verbs denoting the action of each image. Colorful pictures and whimsical animals capture the fun of squishing toes through the mud while barefoot, dancing through puddles after a summer storm in rain boots, and many other activities while barefoot or shoefoot.

Repeated phrases and words help children learn to read and make the book a favorite of kindergarten and first grade teachers.

Raising four daughters taught Mary Clare that children really love walking barefoot and wearing different kinds of shoes.

Barefoot or shoefoot, which do you like best?

Mary Clare’s stories have appeared in three Chicken Soup Books, Grit magazine, and U.S. Navy Cruisers Magazine. She is the self-published author of Warning! Family Vacations May Be Hazardous to Your Health and Barefoot, Shoefoot. Throughout the last five years while promoting the books, she has been interviewed on many radio programs and cable television. She enjoys selling the books at craft fairs because she meets and talks to so many interesting people.

She is currently working on a novel titled, They’re Always With You. Eleven and a half year old Colette is the narrator and catalyst of the story. The question “Who is Daniel” appears on the first page and propels the story events. It is a unique coming of age story as Colette realizes that the adults in her family have many people in their past who will always be part of them. In the process, she also realizes that her grandfather and others will always be part of her.

Mary Clare is a recently retired Oncology/Hospice RN. She also has a BA in Creative Writing. She has been married to Paul for 33 years. They have four daughters, three sons-in-law, and two grandsons.

Barefoot, Shoefoot sells for $8.95 in bookstores and gift shops. At craft fairs, Mary Clare sells it for $5.00. It can be ordered from her through e-mail.

She will be appearing at craft fairs every weekend this fall including Big Lake on November 6th and Duluth Festival of Trees on November 20th and 21st

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