Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Brogan's Island - Dave Gehrke

Brogan’s Island

by Dave Gehrke

When Sammy Jo Kendrick slips beneath the waves of Lake of the Woods, all hell breaks loose 500 miles away in Minneapolis. Sammy Jo is not the first young woman to vanish into the vast lake, but if her disappearance isn't solved, she won't be the last either. The Kendrick mystery threatens to drag down Minneapolis Detective Sergeant Will Danaher, the lead detective on the case. Despite his efforts, he has no suspect, no leads and no body. And the press and the politicians are putting Danaher at the top of the scapegoat list.

But just when things couldn’t get any worse, a bureaucrat in Personnel orders Danaher to take a vacation! The detective winds up vacationing on Lake of the Woods where he crosses paths with a lonely lake cabin housewife, a grumpy old sheriff with his own dark secrets, and a dead guy; all of whom help Danaher piece together the Kendrick case. There’s only one little problem; if Danaher reveals how he gained his evidence, he looks like a nut case. But if he doesn’t reveal how he solved the Kendrick case, he looks like the prime suspect. In the meantime, there's a real serial killer out there... and he's already stalking his next victim.

Dave has been a bartender, real estate broker, horse trainer, sheep farmer, newspaper publisher and columnist, high school economics teacher, school principal and superintendent. And then he “retired”. Although often described as the proverbial “jack of all trades, master of none”, Dave claims he has secretly spent his working years compiling characters and experiences for what he calls his ultimate career—novelist. Now that he’s completed what he refers to as his “training”, Dave has hunkered down with the sole purpose of grinding out novels until the Grim Reaper stabs a bony finger at the re-boot switch. Brogan’s Island reflects both Dave’s convoluted path through life as well as his character compilations. The story’s characters are life-like and fraught with frailties and misgivings and take an occasional sharp turn before reaching their final destination.



“A Shiver Runs Through It” A collection of Dave’s humorous anecdotes regarding his struggles to survive Minnesota winters from boyhood into adulthood.

Pipestone Public Library - April 30 - 1:00 p.m. Pipestone, MN

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