Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Even In Stillness There is Rhythm

by Deborah Krider

After the death of her mother, 22-year-old Julie Silvers grapples with the unfairness and anger at a life taken too soon. A forced vacation from her boss brings her to Minnesota where she spends the summer healing. There she meets Johnny Salinas. No stranger to death, he lost his parents four years earlier in a senseless automobile crash. With time, strength and courage, Johnny and his kid brother overcome their grief. Julie leans on and learns from the brothers and as the summer unfolds, she mends and falls in love with Johnny. Their relationship intensifies, but it’s a fire Johnny’s jealous ex-girlfriend, Teresa, is determined to extinguish. Even In Stillness There is Rhythm is a tender story about friendship, love, and making peace with the past.

Deborah Krider was born and raised in Minneapolis. Interested in people and what makes them tick, she uses her observations to shape the characters in her stories, bringing them to life and making them relatable and likeable. She enjoys writing drama fiction as well as horror and suspense. In the summer she spends time at her cabin in central Minnesota with her dog, Scully. Even In Stillness There is Rhythm is her first novel. Free short stories are available at – see link below



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