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The LAST Day of Kindergarten - Nancy Loewen

The LAST Day of Kindergarten

by Nancy Loewen

The LAST Day of Kindergarten is dedicated to my daughter, who loved kindergarten and didn’t want to let it go. After the graduation ceremony, most kids seemed happy enough saying goodbye, but she was sobbing. She understood that growing up meant leaving things behind.

That got me thinking. There are lots of books to help children prepare for the first day of kindergarten. But what about the last day? For children like my daughter, this day is even more confusing. It brings excitement and pride, but also a sense of loss. And that’s why I wrote this book. I hope this story will allow children to stop for just a few moments and reflect on the routines and people they’ll miss—before tossing their funny flat hats into the air in celebration.

The author comfortably captures the hesitations of making the jump from kindergarten to first grade without making a fuss about it, and she makes the prospect something worth the effort.-- Kirkus Reviews

Yoshikawa’s irresistibly sweet illustrations are perfect for children ready to emerge from the kindergarten cocoon and rejoice in their achievements.—School Library Journal, Gloria Koster, West School, New Canaan, CT

Nancy Loewen has published more than 100 books for children. Her books have received awards from the American Library Association, the New York Public Library, Parents’ Choice, and the Association of Educational Publishers. Four to the Pole! (Linnet Books), co-written with polar explorer Ann Bancroft, was a Minnesota Book Award finalist. Other work has appeared in Mid-American Review, Child, and Minnesota Parent.

Nancy has an M.F.A. in creative writing from Hamline University. She lives in Prior Lake with her husband and two children.



Marshall Cavendish

Even if you're sharp as a tack, the English language can be confusing! From ants in your pants to talking turkey, this silly and entertaining set will engage readers, while teaching them about various figures of speech.
Grades 2-4
Picture Window Books, 2011

You’re Toast and other Metaphors We Adore
Illustrated by Donald Wu
ISBN 978-1404862708

Talking Turkey and Other Clich├ęs We Say
Illustrated by Adam Watkins
ISBN 978-1404862722

Stubborn as a Mule and Other Silly Similes
Illustrated by Adam Watkins
ISBN 978-1404862715

She Sells Seashells and Other Tricky Tongue Twisters
Illustrated by Donald Wu
ISBN 978-1404862739]

Grades 2-4
Picture Window Books, 2010
Turn readers into writers! Each title carefully examines one or more genre-specific writing examples. Readers will discover the tools and techniques that writers use to create plays, poems, fairy tales, journals, picture books, and more. Each title includes a review list of key concepts, at least four exercises for getting started, and numerous writing tips.

Action! Writing Your Own Play
Illustrated by Dawn Beacon
ISBN 9781404860179

It’s All About You: Writing Your Own Journal
Illustrated by Christopher Lyles and Todd Ouren
ISBN 9781404855205

Just the Facts: Writing Your Own Research Report
Illustrated by Dawn Beacon
ISBN 9781404855199

Make Me Giggle: Writing Your Own Silly Story
Illustrated by Cori Doerrfeld
ISBN 9781404855182

Once Upon a Time: Writing Your Own Fairy Tale
Illustrated by Christopher Lyles
ISBN 9781404853355

Share a Scare: Writing Your Own Scary Story
Illustrated by Christopher Lyles
ISBN 9781404855175

Show Me a Story: Writing Your Own Picture Book
Illustrated by Christopher Lyles
ISBN 9781404853416

Sincerely Yours: Writing Your Own Letter
Illustrated by Christopher Lyles
ISBN 9781404853386

Words, Wit, and Wonder: Writing Your Own Poem
Illustrated by Christopher Lyles
ISBN 9781404853447

Four to the Pole! the American’ Women’s Expedition to Antarctica, 1992-93
Ann Bancroft, co-author
Grades 4-8
Linnet Books, 2001
ISBN 0208025189

On January 14, 1993, four women made history by becoming the first women to reach the South Pole on foot. For sixty-seven days and 660 miles they skied, dragging heavy sleds, challenged by the bitter temperatures and strong winds on the white plains of Antarctica. But the greatest hardships they faced were internal, as each one struggled to keep mental focus, emotional perspective, and physical wellbeing in the face of nearly unyielding stress.

This is the true story of the American Women’s Trans-Antarctic Expedition, known as AWE. Told in a patchwork of diary excerpts, dispatches, letters, and narrative, it is an in-depth, intimate account of four very different people aiming for a single goal.

Finalist for the 2002 Minnesota Book Award in Youth Literature
2001 Honor Book by the Society of School Librarians International

Walt Whitman
“Voices in Poetry” series
Ages 12 and up

Parents’ Choice illustration award
Distinguished Achievement Award, Association of Educational Publishers, 2010
Share a Scare included in The Best Children’s Books of the Year, Bank Street College of Education, 2011

Creative Editions, 1994
ISBN 088682608X
Selections from Leaves of Grass are juxtaposed with biographical vignettes and illustrated with sepia-toned photographs.

New York Public Library’s “Best Books for the Teen Age”

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