Thursday, June 2, 2011

By The Light Of The Carnival - Peter Joseph Swanson

By The Light Of The Carnival

by Peter Joseph Swanson

Joe goes to work as a carnie for a week and meets worldly gypsies: Carlos, a young man looking for trouble; Lady Fortuna, a guilt ridden old fortune teller; Pinda, a self assured young woman he thinks he might want to run off to see the world with; and Miss Toulon, who decided where to place the glass maze having been told in no uncertain terms by loud voices in her head. But Lisa, who has also just graduated from Joe's high school, shows up. She's no longer a shy stranger, and Joe falls for her too, even though choosing her would mean staying on the farm. Strange things happen and there are rumors that the glass maze is haunted and evil. Furthermore, it has plans to free itself, even if it means taking down the whole carnival-and Joe's life-with it.

I grew up on a goat farm in Illinois near the Mississippi River (near Mark Twain’s stomping grounds). In the 1980s, after college where I studied cinema and fine art, I moved to Minneapolis because a friend was driving there to visit. So I hitched a ride on a whim. I didn’t know much about Minnesota at the time. I only knew it was far north and I wanted to go far away. Minneapolis is wonderful and anybody would be lucky to find it. I have worked in filmmaking, have done newspaper cartoons, and do cover art for other authors. I did the illustrations for a children’s story, Tedoul. I have six novels out so far with my small San Francisco publisher. My most current novel is a ghost story that takes place in a country field in 1977 called By The Light Of The Carnival.



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