Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Year - J. O. Salls

First Year

by J. O. Salls

It is Robert Baker’s first year of teaching. It is a school year that jars the tranquility of the fictional town of Blue Lake. It is a year in which escalating enrollment, overwhelmed personnel, and a difficult school board threaten to rip a revered school system apart. In one school year, Robert Baker’s life intertwines with and affects the lives of his students, his colleagues, and even their families. It is a school year in which loyalties are questioned. It is a year in which compassion, hope, and the courage to take action matter more than ever. In one school year, lives can be altered forever.

Like his parents, J.O. Salls pursued a career in education. He taught English in Wisconsin and Minnesota high schools for 19 years. For another 19 years he taught in Hawaii in classrooms ranging from middle school through community college. His wife taught elementary school for 34 years. They continue to strongly support public education, its teachers and students.

His life-long association with schools brings genuine warmth, affection and a passion for public education to his writing, along with insights into how schools and their inhabitants cope and sometimes prosper between moments of despair and pure exhilaration.

A native of Minnesota, father of two, grandfather of 13, teacher of thousands, John lives with his wife Lila on the shores of Big Stone Lake in Ortonville, MN.


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