Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ashes, Ashes - D. J. Rohling

Ashes, Ashes


D. J. Rohling



…Where will it lead?

Mega-church pastor, Hamilton Ford, strapped down to a hospital gurney, is transported to psych lock-up after being hit by a life-changing trauma. Let the therapy begin as Dr. Leslie Swenson leads Hamilton into the world of his night dreams, where he is first haunted and then empowered by apparitions of his family. Throughout his recovery, Hamilton encounters new and invading spiritual realities, as patient and doctor become entangled by what they share in common.

A drama of personal devastation, retching reconstruction, and the hope of redemption.

A battle between spiritual and psychological forces that will destroy or redeem the eminent megachurch pastor, Hamilton Ford.

Packs a spiritual wallop. Full of grit and psychic transformation that emerges from the deepest depths of human pain.

By day, Darrell (D. J.) Rohling is a father, husband, and psychologist in private practice, and works with individuals, couples, families, adults and teens. He also is a critical incident specialist, going into corporations, schools, and banks, to provide debriefing support after employee or student injury, death, suicide, or bank robbery. Rohling also conducts psychiatric assessments in the emergency department at a twin city hospital. By night, he is a voracious reader and is working on becoming a voracious writer; where his fascination with the mystery of the human language has yet to be quenched. He is presently working on mastering French with hopes of further travel and work abroad, where his passion is to live on the edge without falling into the abyss.

"I don't have a religious bone in my body, but as a writer I've always been fascinated by a man's struggle with his faith... and nowhere is that struggle more difficult and more poignant than it is for Hamilton Ford, the protagonist in D. J. Rohling's expertly written debut novel Ashes, Ashes... restores my faith in the art of creating a three-dimensional character with an inspiring story to tell."--Steve Thayer, New York Times best-selling author of The Weatherman, The Wheat Field, and Silent Snow.

"Is it possible to find faith when one’s life has become a nightmarish hell? In the tradition of Dostoyevsky, Conrad and Koestler, D. J. Rohling’s gritty and compelling debut novel brings readers to that existential point where the line between faith and despair becomes razor thin and one is forced to choose out of the depths of one’s soul. Ashes, Ashes is that rare sort of novel that is at once spiritually disturbing and authentically hopeful. A must read!"--Pastor, Greg Boyd, Best-selling and award-winning author of Letters From a Skeptic, Myth of a Christian Nation, and The Jesus Legend (co-authored )



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