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Diet Myths Busted - Ann A. Rosenstein

Diet Myths Busted


Ann A. Rosenstein

Diet Myths Busted is a book written by Ann A. Rosenstein that offers readers a look at facts about food rather than nutrition fiction. Rosenstein is a fitness instructor and personal trainer with several certifications. She wrote this book to help the average person decipher misinformation that is currently out on the subject of dieting.

Instead of promoting a certain type of diet or exercise plan, Rosenstein simply gives you facts. With the use of this information, you can make informed decisions for yourself and your family.

Some diet related myths that are addressed include:

If I stop eating sweets I will lose weight

As long as I eat good food, calories don’t count

Low-carb diets are dangerous

I can spot reduce

I can eat foods that will make me lose weight

Low-fat diets are the healthiest and no fat is best

Organic is best at any cost

Diet Myths Busted offers honest information that is helpful for managing diet and weight. There are so many different sources available for diet information, and many give facts only as they pertain to a particular diet. This book can help you sort through the fluff and start losing weight in a healthy way.

My name is Ann Rosenstein. I am a fitness professional, mother of two and married. I have been a fitness instructor and personal trainer for 22 years and am certified by ACE, AFAA & AEA. I am also an author of 4 water fitness books.

As a fitness instructor it has become evident to me that most people are thoroughly confused about exercise and nutrition. I get a lot of questions from participants in my classes. I have researched the science of nutrition and exercise the entire time I have been an instructor and have found that if a person understands some basic concepts of nutrition and fitness, it can be fun, easy and enjoyable to eat well and exercise. My family and I enjoy physical fitness and we often workout together. We also enjoy outdoor biking and cross country skiing.

Not only am I a professional fitness instructor, I am also a reference librarian with Dakota County and have been for almost 30 years. BA/MA from the University of Minnesota, ACE, Schwinn Cycle, Pilates Certified, Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer of 22 years. Teach weight training, indoor cycle (spinning), water fitness, beginning aerobics, aerobics and advanced interval training.

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