Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ghellow Road - T. H. Waters

Ghellow Road

by T. H. Waters

Ghellow Road is a literary diary of a young girl’s journey through the tangled labyrinth that is her life. Theresa’s story begins in a large midwestern city where she is born to loving parents in 1965. As time passes and Theresa grows, supernatural forces begin to shape her existence, no matter how carefully her father colors the empty spaces of her world. After a series of tragic events, Theresa and her family seek refuge in a small Minnesota town nestled near the shores of Rainy Lake. She creates a new life for herself there, sharing adventures with friends and riding the ups and downs of adolescence. Yet through it all, her mother remains forever lost in the prison of her own mind and forever lost to Theresa.

This is a distinctive coming-of-age story that speaks to love, loss and the undeniable power of community.


T. H. Waters (a.k.a. Tera Waters) was raised in the state of Minnesota and currently resides in Minneapolis with her significant other and two loving fur balls.  She has been a life-long lover of the written word.  She loves the magic and the mystique; she loves the breadth of it and how it can fortify one’s spirit. 

Tera didn’t grow up imagining that she would one day become an author.  In fact, she had never even considered it until about 8 years ago when she received news that her brother had died suddenly.  He was only 39 years old.  It was one of the saddest days of her life. 

Numb and in shock, Tera picked up a pen and some paper, sat down at her dining room table and with tears streaming down her face, wrote his eulogy.  A few more years would pass before Tera would take her passion for writing and use it to create her life’s story, Ghellow Road.





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