Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Review: Sky's Bridal Train by Margo Hansen

Bottom line:

Enjoyable Christian romance with plenty of mystery, suspense, and historical flair.


A lovely young woman travels across frontier America in search of her twin.  However, she is pursued by a man who wants to marry her against her will. Can she evade her pursuer, find her twin, and discover true love?


o Several plot twists that kept me guessing.
o Just enough history to be educational and rooted me in the setting.
o Pleasantly surprised by the elements of mystery and suspense in this romance.
o Short chapters that made this book easy to read at night.
o Cliffhanger endings at many of the chapter ends that made me wonder what would happen next (and admittedly often made me read an additional chapter at night).


o Personally, I would have liked additional details from a historical fiction perspective, but this book is primarily a romance, and the author stayed true to that.
o Strong promotion of Christianity starting about midway through the book.  I'd found this at a book fair and had mistaken it for a historical fiction novel (though it's clearly marked as a Christian novel on Amazon).  In a few places, I felt like it crossed the line of preaching to the reader, but lovers of Christian fiction will likely see this as a strength.  That said, the sections where this occurred were limited and seemed to remain mostly true to the time period and location.

Would recommend to:

I'd recommend this book to Christian audiences who enjoy romances, mysteries, and historical fiction. 

Full disclosure:  How did I obtain this book?

Review copy provided by author in exchange for honest review.

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