Thursday, January 26, 2012

Anteater Boy - Dean Ammerman

Anteater Boy

by Dean Ammerman

Anteater-Boy is the story of Zak Dale, a high school freshman who wants a summer job to earn some money. His fish-eyed science teacher, Dr. Cyrus B. Fletcher, has a job opening but wants Zak to clean the science classroom, improve his grades, and deliver an award-winning speech to get it.

As Zak tries to prove he’s the best person for the summer job, he helps his best friend Miles search for the Holy Grail of junk food, falls in love with the beautiful and mysterious Mia Holmes, locates his missing grandmother, neglects his bladder-challenged dachshund, and takes a journey through the American Revolution with Darius Brown, his substitute history teacher.

Anteater-Boy is a funny, uplifting, fast-paced coming-of-age novel about friendship and about having the courage to decide who you are and who you want to be.


Dean Ammerman was once a kid. He's older now and lives in Eagan, Minnesota. He has a wife, two daughters and a dog (not a dachshund). Anteater-Boy is his first novel.

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