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Sisterhood of the Hennepin Chalice - Jack Salmela

Sisterhood of the Hennepin Chalice

by Jack Salmela

The sinking of the Titanic, the I-35W Bridge collapse, the St. Anthony Falls Mill District, and Duluth … linking these is a secret history of North America.  Three people struggle to know that history:  Tim Malone, humiliated in his career and losing the love of his life; Jed Bjornstad, convinced that the history will give him closure in his brother’s death; and Diane Solquist, a newly ordained pastor whose call is challenged.

An organization guarding the secret history also happens to be the one and only source of help for Tim, Jed, and Diane to overcome their personal crises.  And that organization is … the Sisterhood of the Hennepin Chalice.


Jack Salmela has been writing articles and essays going back to the eighties.  Since 2002, after he was asked to collaborate on a novel, he’s been concentrating on two follow-up novels.  Of Vikings and Voyageurs (2008) and Sisterhood of the Hennepin Chalice, each published by North Star Press of St. Cloud.  Both are historical fiction with strong regional connections.

Salmela is a civil engineer and recently retired early from the Minnesota Department of Transportation.  He continues to give his PowerPoint presentation, “The History behind the Novel, Of Vikings and Voyageurs,” along with his new presentation for Sisterhood of the Hennepin Chalice.  Salmela works with a voyageur interpreter for the former, and for the latter, the interpreter plays Oscar Olsson, a Swedish third class survivor of Titanic disaster who has a harrowing tale to tell.  If you are interested in a presentation, Salmela can be reached at 218-724-2902, or

Salmela is currently producing a film, "Celebrating Stained Glass in the Northland - its beauty, its story."  It will air on Public Access TV, Duluth station.  The film is a spin-off from "Sisterhood," as stained glass is crucial to the plot.

  • Mindekirken Norwegian Church in Minneapolis, Feb. 7 - "Sisterhood of the Hennepin Chalice"


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