Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bullwhacked - Kathy Cohen


by Kathy Cohen

Retired bullrider Cooper Lydell is finally happy. After years of living in his truck, and eating more cheeseballs than he cares to count, meals are coming regularly. Sheets and pillowcases are the norm, too, and he’s got his eye on some property in Montana…all thanks to his very successful bullrider son Tommy.

And then, suddenly, Cooper is BULLWHACKED.

Son Tommy is gone . . . with a sexy blonde in a red Thunderbird. No more meal ticket, no more hotel rooms, no more RETIREMENT.

Cooper begins a grim search for Tommy, aided by a herd of his friends. Soon someone is following him. Then there’s a murder.


Kathy Cohen has lived in northern Virginia, Germany, Omaha, and the Washington D.C. area. She currently resides in Minneapolis. With a degree in English literature and some non-fiction credits, she has recently completed her first novel, Bullwhacked.

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Why I picked the rodeo circuit for my setting: I wanted to use something that was distinctive, but something I knew at least a little about. I grew up showing quarter horses in the Midwest, and my stepfather is a very good horse trainer. We went to rodeos for entertainment and marveled at how really dangerous the sport is. My stepfather once lent a pair of chaps to a contestant who was then killed in the arena. He felt too awkward to try to get the chaps back, under the circumstances.  

I thought it would be interesting to use such a dangerous sport and yet find some humor in it. Bull riders are pretty macho guys, so I thought I’d try to show something less stereotypical to readers.  I’d like to add that training and showing horses isn’t like lounging in a recliner and watching the television either. My stepfather suffered a fractured pelvis, brain trauma, and many lesser injuries over the years, and I had one side of my face kicked in by a horse. Thank heavens for plastic surgeons!

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