Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Caldarian Conflict + Free Coffee at Dunn Bros!

I don't often highlight my own work on the Reading Minnesota blog. However, I wanted to share some big news for my first novel, The Caldarian Conflict. Read on for a coupon promo!

Caldarian_Conflict_Cover_finalThe Caldarian Conflict was selected for the Coffee & Books program at Dunn Brothers (currently there are only around 20 books in the program).  To get in, the book had to pass an intense review process to ensure quality. I'm honored that my book made the cut.

The four top-selling books each quarter are displayed in all Dunn Bros locations--over 90 locations nationwide. This could help The Caldarian Conflict find hundreds or thousands of new readers.

To celebrate the inclusion of The Caldarian Conflict in the Coffee & Books program, I’m running a promotion. The first 50 people to buy The Caldarian Conflict (in any format, print or ebook) will receive an additional 20% off! Use the coupon code “pirate” when you check out (without the quotes). Remember, this is only good for the first 50 customers.

However, that's not all. Besides the 20% off coupon, customers also receive 20% back to use toward a coffee purchase. Paperback customers also receive $5 back as a Dunn Bros gift card. That means that the real cost of the ebook is just $2.39 (normal price is $3.99) and the real cost of the paperback is just $5.36 (normal price is $12.95). You can't get a better deal.

Share this with your friends. The more people who buy The Caldarian Conflict, the better the chances are that the book will arrive in a store near you.

Thanks everyone, and don't forget to use the coupon code “pirate” when you check out!

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