Wednesday, August 12, 2009

C. Hyytinen - Minnesota Author


by: C. Hyytinen

Echelon Press

Top-notch homicide detective and single mom, Maria Sanchez, is about to face her most formidable foe. A serial killer is wreaking havoc in the streets of Minneapolis, abducting, torturing, and killing children of the community. Can she find the killer before the unthinkable happens?

Dubbed the "River Rat" by the media because his victims are always found floating in the Mississippi River, this maniac is on a mission. Maria and her partner Joe have a deadline to meet and need to do it before he strikes again.

When Maria's daughter, Theresa, doesn’t come home from school one day, Detective Sanchez is in for the fight for her life when she accidentally encounters the killer’s lair. Everything comes crashing down as her fate and that of her only child is ultimately determined by the dead bodies surrounding her…and the gun pointed at her chest.

C. Hyytinen is a Wisconsin transplant and has been a Minnesotan for more than 20 years, embracing the land of 10,000 lakes as her home. Living in a male dominated household with her husband and two sons has proven to be a challenge at times, but has also given her insight into the finer qualities of life. With a demanding career in the fast-track computer world, she uses writing as a form of escape. When she's not busy with her family or work, you’ll find her hunched over her laptop, pounding out another crime thriller.

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