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This Sold House by Diane Keyes

This Sold House

Staging Your Home To Sell In Today’s Market

by Diane Keyes

ISBN No: 978-0-9767999-0-0


Diane Keyes has combined twenty years of staging experience and her expertise as a published author to create This Sold House, a do-it-yourself staging guide for homesellers. Written to entertain as well as inform, this fun and easy-to-use, award-winning book is designed to help homeowners sell quickly and for the best possible price in today’s tough market. Keyes has perfected an approach even the most design-challenged homeowner can use successfully because there’s no decorating savvy needed! Based on the psychology of light, space and color, along with a healthy dose of common sense, her techniques work by drawing buyers’ attention to the best features of a home. She explains how to eliminate distractions, increase buyers’ comfort level and enhance homeowner equity. Filled with hundreds of quick, easy, low- and no-cost tips and techniques, This Sold House gives sellers the keys to a quick sale, the secrets to successful staging, a detailed checklist, and all the information they need to sell their home fast with the least amount of money, time and effort.

One of the country’s first staging professionals, Diane Keyes has been bringing her innovative approach to the real estate industry for over twenty years. Her unique talents have brought her to four-star restaurants, multi-million-dollar island get-aways, and thousands of private homes. And when they needed someone to prepare the state mansion for the Swedish royal family, the governor’s wife called Diane. She first began teaching classes in 1988 and has since taught her staging methods to many realtors seeking to fulfill their continuing education requirements.
Along with consummate staging advice, Diane brings understanding and insight to the complex psychological issues surrounding the sale of a home, a much ignored but vitally important facet of real estate sales.

Her children’s book, Spirit of the Snowpeople, was released by DownEast Books last fall and sold out its first printing within three weeks of its official publication date. Writing This Sold House was a natural step for Diane as she continues to find better ways to help homeowners sell their homes quickly and profitably.

Diane has recently appeared on KSTP’s Twin Cities Live, and on KARE’s Saturday Morning and Showcase Minnesota and on the Charlie Boone radio show on WCCO am.

She will be making a presentation for Edina Realty at the Acapulco Restaurant in Stillwater on Wednesday September 3rd at 6:30pm

Diane will also be presenting at the Midwest Realtor Expo on Wednesday September 23rd from 11:00am till noon.

The book can be purchased at Barnes & Noble Borders, on Amazon, or the website

“Tops on my wish list for Diane Keyes’ This Sold House is that it had been published about a year sooner. My family spent over a year trying to sell a home. If I'd had this incredible expert's wisdom to call on, we might have saved ourselves money, time, and a fair amount of anxiety! Diane entertains and educates in this easy-to-read book. If you want to dive into the real estate pool, consider this book a life preserver!”—Joan Steffend, host of HGTV's Decorating Cents

“Pay close attention to the advice that Diane Keyes gives in This Sold House. Our own house sold for full price in three days after following Diane’s suggestions! You will find no one better qualified and with more experience to help you prepare your home for sale. Homeowners, real estate professionals, and investors alike will benefit from the insight and common sense in This Sold House.”
—Andi Saylor, CRP and author of ON THE MOVE: The Complete Guide to Relocating

“After having our condo for sale for a year, we got This Sold House and followed Diane’s advice. We spent around $100, borrowed a few items from friends and spent a week getting it ready. Although there were six other units for sale in our building—and lots of new construction around us—we sold our home after the first showing! We highly recommend taking Diane’s advice. It sold our house, and we’re sold on This Sold House!”
—Will Harpest, teacher and Chicago homeowner

“If you’re planning to sell your home in this difficult market, you should grab this book, read it cover to cover, and implement all Diane Keyes’ ideas, tips, and techniques. Unlike most such books, This Sold House is written for common folk with limited money and little time to make elaborate changes. After reading the Curb Appeal chapter, I found several ways to make my own home more appealing and create a better first impression. Darn good ideas make this book worth your reading time and no doubt will be the ticket to a quicker and more profitable sale.”
—Connie Anderson, president, Armchair Interviews,

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