Monday, August 10, 2009

Jannifer Hoffman - Minnesota Author

Resplendence Publishing, LLC
May 2009-ebook and print
ISBN # 9781934992647

When Julia Morgan M.D. miscarries twin girls, she divorces her husband believing he is to blame. He forces her out of her position at the hospital and threatens her credibility as a doctor. Without mentioning her medical degree, Julia accepts a position as nanny on a Colorado ranch 900 miles away.

Dirk Travis is in trouble. His wife has gone missing, and his housekeeper is threatening to quit. He is in desperate need of a reliable person to look after his four-year-old twins. Even though Julia appears to be the answer to his prayers, he can't help but think she's a bit too perfect. Both insist their relationship will be business only. Those plans go awry when people are killed and Dirk is the prime suspect. That doesn't stop the heat index from rising between Dirk and Julia, even as she appears to be the next target.

Born and raised on a North Dakota farm, Jannifer started writing at the age of twelve, creating novels in her head while walking home from a one-room schoolhouse. A lifetime avid reader, she began serious writing in 1974 after reading The Flame and the Flower and Sweet Savage Love.

After completing two historical romances, Ceremony of Deception and Silver Shadows, she decided to try her hand at contemporary romance. It took a year to complete Secrets of the Heart. The sequel, Secret Sacrifices, took nearly two years.

In 1999, Jannifer joined Romance Writers of America and MFW (Midwest Fiction Writers). This spring she also became a member of the WisRWA (WISCONSIN Romance Writers of America) chapter.

She spends summers on Sturgeon Lake, (up north) Minnesota, and winters in Yuma, Arizona.
Hobbies, besides writing of course, include sewing for craft shows and her little corner in a boutique in Moose Lake, and painting animals and flowers on rocks.

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Secrets of the Heart Resplendence Publishing, LLC, Published: Dec 2008 Romance/Suspense/Thriller

Secret Sacrifices - Resplendence Publishing, LLC, Published: Feb 2009 (All five star reviews) Romance/Suspense/Thriller

Ceremony of Deception - Historical Romantic adventure ( All five star reviews) Released July 2008

Coming Soon: Blood Crystal (no release date yet)

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  1. Hi Jannifer, I'm excited to read Rough Edges. I loved Secrets of the Heart and Secret Sacrifices, and I admire your amazing flare for mystery. Rough Edges sounds like a wonderful read!