Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jodi Hills - Author and Illustrator

heart on my sleeve…Times change, people change and lives change, just as sure as styles change. Jodi Hills encourages readers to let go of the “what was” and the “what could be” and to embrace the beauty of what is today. Written for anyone who has looked into their closet and exclaimed “I have nothing to wear!”

I’m not too busy is a story about taking the time to notice people, to care, to have relationships and to see the present. Life tends to get busy and this uplifting book provides a way to tell a friend or loved one that we offer our gift of time.

In today’s fast-paced world, sometimes when you are not looking, hours, days, weeks and years go by. And we haven’t made the time to spend with the people we care about. I’m Not Too Busy encourages us to take the time to recognize the important people in our life.

Slap on a Little Lipstick…You’ll be Fine celebrates the beauty of all women…their triumphs, their tears, their strengths and struggles, their journeys and joys – and through it all the smiles that mark survival.

This sassy gift book empowers women with thoughts on daily survival with fun and inspiring verse and art. Hills shares with us some of the empowering messages she learned from her mother and delivers it in a fun and empowering way. This book is the perfect book to share with a girlfriend, mother, sister, day care provider, teacher and more.

Jodi Hills operates her own design studio – Studio J – in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The studio features her collection of “visual verse” -- all created with the intent to keep people guessing, praying, hoping and laughing. Through her books, Hills explores the days we thrive…and the ones we survive…finding the beauty of both the tears and laughter along the way.

Hills makes her living as an author and artist. She grew up in Alexandria, Minnesota and currently resides in Hopkins, Minnesota. She is devoted to her family and you will often see Hills at appearances with best friend and mother, Ivy.

Hills has a degree in English with a minor in Art from the University of Minnesota at Morris. Prior to owning her own studio, she worked in advertising and graphic design.

Jodi Hills’ other well known titles include an imperfect life, which is a compilation of her most beloved works available in one collection, I am Amazed, Believe and Hope-so Too.

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