Friday, January 22, 2010

Peter Bundy - The Wild Garden

The Wild Garden

By Peter P. Bundy

North Star Press

Lyrical, practical and filled with insight into environmentalism, nature and healing, this is Peter Bundy’s second book. As a sequel to Finding the Forest, Bundy takes us further into the woods as he shares personal stories on the role of disturbance in shaping the forest landscapes that we love.

“Bundy writes so beautifully that some paragraphs read like prose poetry…his writing is clear as he examines our feelings about forests ( we love trees, but we also love wood floors).” —Mary Ann Grossman, Pioneer Press

Peter is a native of New England who has been living in Minnesota for the past 36 years. Northfield, Minneapolis, St Paul and Crosby all claim portions of his lifeline.

Peter is a writer and forester. When he isn’t working quietly with words, he spends his time as a consultant helping landowners and land managers restore the health of their forestlands. This is a passion, as well as a livelihood, and both of his books, Finding the Forest and The Wild Garden share stories from this woods experience.

Professionally, he has served as State Chair for the Minnesota Society of American Foresters, and as the State Coordinator for the Forest Guild. He is also a member of the MN Society of Arboriculture and the MN Association of Consulting Foresters.

On the personal front, he has a grown son, Shawn, who is a teacher and resides in Oregon with his two daughters (too far away!) Peter’s favorite hobbies include travel and cooking.

Finding the Forest – This book received a National Arbor Day Foundation Media Award in 2002 and was a finalist for a MN Book Award.


February 25 – 4:00 PM
Long Prairie Library

March 13
Sinsinawa, WI, Tri State Forestry Meeting

Late Spring
McCawbers, St. Paul


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