Thursday, June 7, 2012

Come Back to Me - Jay Little

Come Back to Me

by Jay Little

I died on Tuesday afternoon, May 24th, 2011.

I had just suffered sudden cardiac death. Yet somehow, I was revived, shocked back to life. Afterwards, a combination of amazing doctors, nurses, and technology worked on restoring my physical body. Even after resuscitation, I was in critical condition, hanging on by a thread. Meanwhile, my mind wandered aimlessly through the dark corners of oblivion for weeks. Against all odds, I survived. Looking back on it now, I’m convinced my survival all started with a kiss and a whisper … come back to me.

This is my story. It is a story about a 38-year-old man who suffered a massive heart attack – my second in eight months – followed by a number of serious, life-threatening complications. It is a story of the frightening obstacles and powerful miracles encountered along my path to recovery, using a unique blend of perspectives. Throughout my recovery, my wife kept a detailed journal chronicling the objective aspects, such as specific dates, medical issues, and milestones. Kept under sedation for several weeks, and still groggy from the medication and physical ordeal for months afterward, I provide a very different, subjective look at my recovery – how I was feeling, what I experienced, and what I’ve learned from these events.
Born somewhere in California as Jason Little, the author prefers to go by Jay. He has been an avid reader, writer, and gamer for as long as he can remember. Jay has fond memories of playing games and wiling away the weekends with a good book while growing up.

A boardgame and roleplaying game designer by trade, over the years, Jay has had the opportunity to work with a number of awesome people and has more than thirty nerd-worthy publications to his credit. He has had the chance to work on some amazing licenses and titles like Major League Baseball, Warhammer, and Star Wars. This is his first non-gaming related publication.

Jay is also a self-proclaimed geek and proud of it. Thankfully, his wife supports/enables his geekiness. Jay and his wonderful wife live with their two sons and their cats Jedi and the Meeple in Minnesota. During the winter, Jay wonders why they ever moved to Minnesota. The other four months of the year, he wonders why they didn’t do it sooner.


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