Thursday, June 21, 2012

Niobe's Tears - Tynan A Stone

Niobe's Tears

by Tynan A. Stone

In the throes of another dreary, cold Minnesota winter, a young prostitute is ritually murdered in a room of one of Saint Paul’s most prestigious hotels. One word is scrawled on the victim’s back, “NIOBE.” Saint Paul detectives Kelly Abner and Alan Matthews, former lovers, are struggling with the recent breakup of their romance while being confronted with one of the most bizarre murder scenes in Saint Paul history.

The murder hits a little too close to home when Detective Abner discovers her own personal connection the victim. Her partner must find the killer without her and decipher a mystery created by a serial killer bent on revenge. The contemporary myth of Niobe is played out on Saint Paul’s frozen streets, and the detectives must find the killer before one of their own is killed. Sympathy for the devil? Hardly, but the killer may just have a point.  
Tynan A. Stone is the pen name for Troy A. Stein. Troy Stein graduated with a BA in Human Services Administration from Metropolitan State University and currently works as a software developer with the State of Minnesota Department of Human Services.

Originally from North Dakota, he has fallen in love with his “new” home state of Minnesota. When he’s not writing, you may find him geocaching or hiking in one of the many Minnesota State Parks. Niobe’s Tears is his first book. Whipfinish, a sequel to Niobe’s Tears is due out in June 2012.



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