Thursday, June 14, 2012

Found and Destroyed - Danelle Helget

Found and Destroyed

by Danelle Helget

Normal?  What’s that?  Sara’s life is anything but normal.

To start, her delicious, new boyfriend, Derek, needs her help. Sara was a witness to his sister’s shooting; when she uses herself as bait, all goes wrong. Now Sara’s life is in danger, and she fears Derek, may not find her in time.  And that’s just the beginning!

The fabulous, rich, and beautiful, Miss Kitty also needs her assistance.  Sara tries to tell her that she has none of the skills needed to help her, but Miss Kitty insists.  And what Miss Kitty wants-Miss Kitty gets!

When Sara’s new friend Tannya, the sassy waitress at the local diner finds out, she wants in. She lives for the excitement that seems to follow Sara.

All Sara wants is one drama free weekend.  What she gets is just another day of, criminals, drugs, guns, knives…. and hot, sexy cops.  Ya know… all the normal stuff.
Danelle Helget grew up in small town Milaca, Minnesota. In the summer she loves to spend her weekends outdoors on the lake, camping, boating, and hiking. She now resides in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota with her husband and two daughters.


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