Monday, November 30, 2009

Diane Keyes - The Spirit of the Snowpeople

The Spirit of the Snowpeople

By Diane Keyes

ISBN-10: 0892727101

Down East Books

The Spirit of the Snowpeople is the story of a small village of north woods folks who brighten the long gloomy days of winter for their children by building amazingly detailed and lifelike snow sculptures. Soon visitors come to see the snowpeople and find themselves touched by the villagers’ gentle goodwill and simple hospitality. But when warm spring winds melt the snowpeople the visitors must learn how to keep the spirit of the snowpeople alive in their hearts all year.

On the surface, Snowpeople is an entertaining and uplifting children’s book that captures young imaginations with its beautiful illustrations and joy-filled story. However, its deeper message reminds us how much easier life is when we surrender to the passing of each season and find ease in its gentle rhythms.

Diane Keyes has worked as a home stager, floral designer, lay minister, grief counselor and book reviewer. “ As a child, I always said I was going to be a writer,” she recalls, ”but I never pursued it until the day I was sitting at a stop light and every word for Spirit of the Snowpeople came to me in the short space between the red and green lights.

“Because I believe it was sent to me, I feel a real passion to help the book find its way in the world. It took 12 years get an agent and find a publisher but it was finally released last fall by Down East books. It broke all presale records in their sixty-year history and sold out within 3 weeks of its publication.”


Diane Keyes is also the award winning author of This Sold House-Staging Your Home to Sell in Today’s Market.

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  1. This sounds lovely--I just put it on reserve at my library.