Monday, November 2, 2009

Jeff Holmes - Illustrator

Jeff Holmes - Illustrator

Creating abstract art taps into my passion, but I'm growing fonder of illustration every day. Abstract art is a solitary experience, but with illustration I have the opportunity to collaborate. I completely enjoy working with authors, connecting with them through their writing, getting feedback and listening for clues that help me translate the substance of their own art form into an image that honors the author's vision and sells books.

Jeff Holmes is an illustrator and fine artist working from his home in Chanhassen, Minnesota. He had always known that being an artist was inevitable, but didn't get serious about it until the mid-1990s.

Taking a drastic detour, Jeff graduated from Control Data Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1984 and was immediately hired as a computer programmer. Working as a Systems Analyst for 20 years wasn't the creative adventure he'd imagined, but good fortune introduced him to digital art in 2003 and it would become his primary creative outlet from that point on.

While working on his fine art portfolio in 2007, his father, author David P. Holmes, asked him to try his hand at illustrating the cover for his new book - Secrets - which was published in the fall of 2009. The cover was a hit with the publisher and since then he's created three additional covers, of which two were published in 2009.

Jeff is currently working on CD album art for local Jazz group BlueMood and has a number of book covers lined up for 2010.


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