Sunday, November 1, 2009

David Holmes - Secrets


by David Holmes

North Star Press

ISBN-10: 0-87839-297

Jessica Morneau is four years old when it is believed she stabbed her father to death. Fourteen years later, she is sent to prison for twenty-five years for the killing of her mother in the same way. At age forty-three, denied a half-way house, she is released into the custody of her grandmother.

Adelle Morneau is an old wealthy manipulative wretch who owns a mansion on the shores of Lake Superior, out of Duluth.

Jessica is haunted by her past, but has no recollection of killing her parents. Traumatized by the color red, she visits a psychiatrist to help unravel her fears. Her attempt to stabilize her life is upset as the secrets keep surfacing to possibly drive her to insanity.

Born and raised in South Minneapolis, I went looking for, and found trouble. Somehow, I managed to graduate from the old West High School, and did my stint in the Air Force. My career was primarily drafting, engineering, and technical writing. Telling people how to put tab A into slot B, while educational, was less than interesting.

Blessed with an active imagination, I have been writing for my own pleasure all my life. When I retired I started putting my visions into a form with expectations of writing a book. Several years later, I finally caught onto what was required to write a manuscript. I hope to have

EMILY’S RUN published soon, and will have SALT OF THE EARTH ready for the FinnFest, in Sault St. Marie, in the fall of 2010. A who-dunnit mystery, LOOSE GRAVEL, is nearing completion, which will introduce the irascible Detective Harold Bruntz.

November 14, 11:00 AM
Maple Grove Barnes & Noble
Maple Grove, MN



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