Wednesday, November 4, 2009

J L Wilson - Human Touch


by J L Wilson

ISBN: 9-781-601-547-071

Wild Rose Press

Isbel Kensington's lack of paranormal talent makes her unique, especially given her powerful paranormal family who run the planet Delmorna. Isbel's studies into ancient diseases uncovered an old family secret which threatens the stability of the government run by Isbel's devious sister, Dru.

Cyrus Durant is a cloned human and undercover cop who has to act as Isbel's Paid Male during her research holiday. He has to get close to her and determine if she's involved in Dru’s treasonous plots. Cyrus has never been this close to a woman. The experience is overwhelming, especially when he and Isbel start to form an intimate psychic bond.

As Isbel's research unearths the truth about the planet's history, she and Cyrus become targets in a deadly political struggle. In a final confrontation with her family, Isbel finds out just how deeply blood ties run -- and how easily they can be severed.

J L Wilson is a Midwestern author who writes ‘mysteries with a touch of romance … and romance with a touch of gray.’ She also writes time travel books and has just kicked off a paranormal-political thriller series, set on another planet.
She has 13 books out with contracts for 5 more books in 2010 and 5 more in 2011. After that, it’s anybody’s guess. She can be found on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and a few blogs here and there.

Romantic Suspense

Brilliant Disguise
Nowhere to Run
Your Saving Grace
If Not For You

Brownies, Bodies and Breaking the Code
Candy, Corpses and Classified Ads
Autographs, Abductions and A-List Authors
Sun, Surf, and Sandy Strangulation
Mayhem, Marriage, and Murderous Mystery Manuscripts

The History Patrol

Paranormal/political thriller
Human Touch


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