Friday, October 30, 2009

Eileen Halvorson - The Color of Light

The Color of Light

by Eileen Halvorson

James A. Rock & Co., Publishers – Aonian Press Imprint

ISBN-10: 1-59663-687-4
ISBN-13: 978-1-59663-687-3

The Color of Light envelops the reader into a dreamlike yet real world where words can taste like lemon drops and a black veil transforms into a dead body hanging from a tree. For the main character, Sarah Vines, truth is not black and white. The plot follows her search for family, romance, dreams, and the truth, which reveals a maze of secrets in this fictional paranormal suspense.

Sarah Vines has synesthesia, a condition that creates the marriage of unrelated sensations. It’s different for each person who has it, but for Sarah, sound can be heard, felt, and seen in a wide range of colors. Shrill sounds, like a beeper, create blinding red lightning bolts that flash in front of her. Odors can be amazing, evoking shapes or textures. Spearmint is sticky, yet yielding and lopsided, like a ball of dough. Words are best of all. They come as tastes usually, with seeping flavors and pigments she can touch.

But then there are the things that Sarah cannot explain by her condition. Just thinking of her missing brother evokes a torrential rain, a God-sized pitcher of frigid water pouring over her, just like the cloudburst on the day he disappeared. The visions are even worse—the black veil that shifts ever so slightly in the air and transforms into a chiffon dress fluttering in the wind...and a woman hanging from a tree.

Hidden in her family's abandoned farm buildings are decisions you can't take back and want to bury as deep as the soil allows. Sarah's merged senses, dream-like visions, and uncanny intuition guide her search for the truth, opening a Pandora's Box of secrets. The truth, a spectrum of light, guides Sarah to follow her dreams and pursue the path of forgiveness.

Eileen Halvorson was born in 1957 and grew up on a small farm in Glenwood, Minnesota. After earning a BS in English, speech and theater, she taught English, speech, and acting and then obtained an MBA. Pursing her ongoing love of learning, she also completed writing courses through The Loft Literary Center, The Playwrights' Center, Hamline University, and the University of Minnesota. Halvorson has been an assistant editor and authored articles in addition to writing and directing plays.

She lives in west central Minnesota on Lake Minnewaska, the setting for The Color of Light and inspiration for the book’s cover, which was designed
by Halvorson. Her own experiences and dreams inspired this story, including learning how to dream in color, instead of black and white.


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