Monday, October 26, 2009

Alex Liuzzi - The Center of the Universe

The Center of the Universe

by Alex Liuzzi

ISBN: 1448640563


Something is not right in your world. You are fairly certain it has nothing to do with your blindly up-beat existence. Instead, your twenty-four-year-old mind is convinced a conspiracy is afoot: a conspiracy that will lead you to a foreign land. You may uncover family secrets. You may thwart international terrorists. You will lose your hearing, discover love, rearrange your concept of religion, and chance upon a chicken – all while hoping to unearth the meaning of existence. It will require the help of your sisters and a possible spy, but you think these adventures will bring order to your life, and perhaps, if you are lucky, guide you to the center of the universe. Good luck.

This quirky second-person narrative brings the reader on an adventure into the mind of a young man who is struggling to understand the world and his own place in it. Despite a tendency away from awareness, this young man finds himself on a journey that may help him grow up, possibly mature, and finally come of age. The Center of the Universe is a bold first novel that provides a humorous exploration of survival as it dissects the mind and the process of living.

Alex Liuzzi currently teaches middle school during the day and graduate school professor at night. He has two children who rule the rest of his time. He manages to squeeze in a few enjoyments such as biking and swimming. And every final spare moment is used up writing! He has written many first drafts of novels, but this is the first he has taken through the arduous editing process and up through publication.


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