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Tristan Publishing


2355 Louisiana Avenue North
Golden Valley, MN 55427

Owners Brett and Sheila Waldman

Our entire mission at TRISTAN is centered around touching lives...and having fun while we make a difference!

All of our titles are books with a message that inspire, uplift and bring hope.

Deep Roots in Publishing-Brett Waldman, Founder and Publisher

I had the rare opportunity to actually grow up in the book industry, my Dad (Ned Waldman) and Uncle (Norton Stillman) founded The Bookmen in 1962. You can definitely say that the romance and love for books resides deep within me. Over the years I worked my way up from packing and stickering to the role of President and co-owner, stopping to work and understand each and every job we held at our operation. At The Bookmen we had 130 people on our team, carried 40,000+ titles and were proud to be the dominant wholesale book distributor in the upper Midwest as well as one of the most respected forces within the library and school marketplace nationally. When I started at The Bookmen, I also started working at Waldman House Press, where I was able to watch my Dad and his team pioneer so many elements of what it means to be different and stand out and thereby accomplish unusual success. My understanding of the business has been cultivated not only from observing and doing at Waldman House, but also having the opportunity to observe and work with over 2000 publishers at The Bookmen.

In 2002 I started my own publishing house, TRISTAN Publishing. About a year later, with the support of a bank, I purchased Waldman House Press from my dad. We have been building and growing since that time. While each year has been incredible, 2008 was truly a milestone year for us when my wife Sheila left corporate America to join me at TRISTAN!

Passionate about Books.Our goal at TRISTAN is to publish books of extraordinary quality with a message, books that make a difference in your life…books that touch your heart. It is with great passion that we build TRISTAN, one book at a time, never losing sight of our goal.

heart on my sleeve

Written and Illustrated by Jodi Hills

Times change, people change and lives change, just as sure as styles change. Jodi Hills encourages readers to let go of the “what was” and the “what could be” and to embrace the beauty of what is today. Written for anyone who has looked into their closet and exclaimed “I have nothing to wear!”

Everything Happens For A Reason

By Warren Hanson

A message encouraging readers to celebrate both the hoped for and unexpected events, whatever they may be. This book is for anyone who has asked the question “Why?” and who boldly looks with hope and confidence to the future knowing everything really does happen for a reason.

Author Tom Hegg
–A Cup of Christmas Tea, A Memory of Christmas Tea, PEEF The Christmas Bear, A Silent Night for PEEF and two other PEEF stories, When We Are Free, Up to the Lake, The Mark of the Maker

Author and Artist Jodi Hills – I am Amazed, Believe, Slap on A Little Lipstick, Hope-so Too, I’m not too busy, an imperfect life and heart on my sleeve

Author Rick Kupchella – Tell Me What We Did Today and Girls Can

Author Ron Schara – Ron Schara’s Minnesota Fishing Guide and Ron Schara’s Minnesota Bound

Author Dick Jorgenson – Reading with Dad

Artist Marilyn Brown – The Station and Girls Can

Artist Barb Bjornson – Hope-so Too

Artist Steve Harmon – Just One Day

Artist and Author Warren Hanson - Warren recently moved from St. Paul to Houston Texas. We have worked with Warren for 20 years while he lived in Minnesota. Our works with him include –Artist: A Cup of Christmas Tea, A Memory of Christmas Tea, PEEF The Christmas Bear, A Silent Night for PEEF and two other PEEF stories, Up to the Lake, The Mark of the Maker, Tell Me What We Did Today, Reading With Dad. Warren was the author and artist for the following TRISTAN Titles: The Next Place, Paw Prints in the Stars, Beginning, Older Love, Raising You Alone and Kiki’s Hats

We have three new Minnesota talents who will be working with us in 2010 as well!

We have a VP (Vice Paw) of editing…our two year old Shiz-Poo. His name is Bugatti Tristan Waldman and he comes to the office and puts in a full day every day!

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  1. I would very much like to meet the Waldmans and I would be honored to be a Tristan author. We certainly share the same perception on the kinds of children’s books we strive to create, we have the same goal in sight, and our views on the message and the mission coincide completely. We envision the future in the same colors.
    I’ve watched their video and they seem like nice, genuine, modern people - the kind of people I would love to work with.

    Rosie Pova