Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Penury Press

An award-winning publisher
of fine mysteries and mirth

Pat Dennis - Owner

Penury's first book, HOTDISH TO DIE FOR, a collection of culinary mystery short stories and hotdish recipes quickly became a regional best seller. Penury’s second book, STAND-UP AND DIE, won the Merit Award for Fiction form the Midwest Independent Publishers Association. Penury’s third book was WHO DIED IN HERE? It is a collection of 25 mystery short stories by 25 master storytellers where the crime occurs in the bathroom. HOTDISH HAIKU features 13 poets celebrating, yet lampooning the existence of hotdish. Included in the book are 50 haiku and 30 oriental hotdish recipes. There are over 25,000 books of Penury Press in print.


(Six culinary short stories and 18 hotdish recipes)

"Wickedly wonderful!"— Minnesota Women's Press. "A hilarious new book…the stories are hilarious."— Frank Vascellero, KARE 11
Author: Pat Dennis
ISBN-10: 0967634407
ISBN-13: 978-0967634401

(An anthology of 25 mystery short stories where the crime occurs in the bathroom.)

“These stories are edgy, sometimes gritty, contain lots of humor and some horror! You're gonna love 'em.” Armchair Interviews.

Contributing authors: R.T. Lawton, Kris Neri, Thomas Bray, Bev Vincent, Terry Burlison, Michael Giorgio, Nick Andreychuk, Mike Befeler, Peggy Jaegly, Stephen D. Rogers, Michael Learmond , Pat Dennis, Kevin Carollo, David Dumitru, R.J. Mills, Beverle Graves Myers, Jeremy Yoder, James C. Wardlaw, Donna Sundblad, Sandra Levy Ceren, Lori G. Armstrong, A.S. Berman, Lance Zarimba, Joan Hall Hovey, Dean Johnson.
ISBN # 0-9676344-2-3

(50 haiku and 30 hotdish recipes)

Contributing authors: Mary Hirsch, Dean Johnson, Mary Monica Pulver, Jeremy Yoder, Lance Zarimba, Codey Livingood, Peggy Jaegly, Thea Miller Ryan, Marit Livingood, Marilyn Victor, Wendy Nelson, Sandra Thomas, Dale Wolf, and Pat Dennis.ISBN-10: 0967634431

ISBN-13: 978-0967634432

(A mystery novel set in the Minnesota comedy world.)
by Pat Dennis

"Her characters are as wacky as one would expect from a professional comedienne. This book won't scare you from sleep, but it may make you die from laughing. We rated it four hearts.” Heartland Reviews.

ISBN 0967634415

We’re sorry but Penury Press does not accept submissions or queries of any kind, except for particular contests or themed anthologies that have been announced on their website.


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